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ES Multipurpose Room

LVES Goulding Hall

Lucerne Valley Elementary School was conceived in 1951 after repeated problems with Midway School and overcrowding from the closure of Lucerne and Rodman Schools.

In 1954, the school was opened with three permanent buildings housing four classrooms and an administration office. One of the rooms was the “extra” building from the previous Midway School, which was assembled in the 1940’s. Two buildings, with a total of four additional classrooms, were added in 1957. Goulding Hall (the multi-purpose room which is named after James Goulding, the founder of Lucerne Valley) and the current library were both constructed in 1959.

The last permanent buildings were added in 1967. Portable buildings have been added to the site plan beginning in the mid‐1980’s (when the Middle School campus first opened) ending with the Early Childhood Center, comprising of ten classrooms, a multi‐purpose room, office, and bathrooms in 2008 for the Kindergarten grades.

The Official School Colors for LVES are red and white. The official mascot is the eagle.

Principal Mary Eller
Office Manager Karol Thompson

Front Bus Landing of LVMS/HS

LVMS/HS Front Gate

Lucerne Valley Middle School began operation in 1987 at the Aliento Road Campus. It initially offered classes for 7th and 8th grade students, when it was eventually expanded to 6th Grade in 1991.

In 1998, the Lucerne Valley Middle School was moved from the Aliento Road campus to the High School, adding “Middle” to full title of the campus, and the present student body from Grades 7-12. (Sixth Grade students returned to the Elementary School site.)

Middle School students take advantage of existing facilities at the High School such as the Music and Art Classrooms, Gymnasium Access, Computer Labs, and the Multipurpose Room, while maintaining their independence from High School classes with a separate bell schedule.

The official colors of LVMS are blue and gold. The official mascot of LVMS is the colt.

Principal Douglas Ferber
Office Manager Anna Marie Garcia

Front Bus Landing of LVMS/HS

LVMS/HS Front Gate

Lucerne Valley High School was opened in 1992, completing the initial vision of Lucerne Valley Unified School District to improve the quality of life of Lucerne Valley residents.

The inaugural class of Lucerne Valley High School Graduates finished in 1995. It was significant as the first class of Lucerne Valley students who did not have to attend High School in Apple Valley or resort to homeschooling to finish their K-12 Education. In 1998, the Middle School was added to the campus on the West Side of the site, creating a third quad for only Middle School students.

Other expansions to the campus include:

  • The Agricultural Courtyard on the West End of Campus, including a Livestock Handling Area, a Greenhouse Complex, and a Woodworking Shop.
  • A renovation of the Vocational Tech Building including a Yearbook Mini Lab, Ceramics Classroom, and a Free Weight Room for Conditioning Students. Auto Shop was moved to a Portable behind the building.
  • Outdoor lighting to Peavy Field to allow night games for Football.

The official colors of LVMHS are blue and gold. The official mascot of LVHS is the mustang.

Principal Douglas Ferber
Office Manager Anna Marie Garcia

Front Seating Area between Classrooms.

District Office/Alternative Education Courtyard

Mountain View High School was operated in the rear portables at LVHS until 1998, which moved the program to the Aliento Road Campus (currently the District Office/Alternative Ed Center). MVHS Students have graduated every year that LVHS has been in operation, starting in 1995.

It is designed to allow students the pursuit of individual achievement to meet their academic goals. Through Computer Assisted Education, one-on-one attention, and credit recovery, MVHS students are given an opportunity to personally excel when other programs have had little success.

Principal Peter Livingston
Teacher Victoria Perry
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