Board of Trustees

The LVUSD Board of Trustees is the publicly-elected deliberative body for Lucerne Valley Unified School District.  They represent community and business leaders for Lucerne Valley, and serve as direct representation of the interests of the community and public.

Board of Trustees meetings are conducted to resolve issues around the District including the concerns of the administration, faculty, staff, parents, students, and the community at large.  The Board of Trustees are assembled to meet at least once per month during the school year and at certain functions such as school assemblies and graduation ceremonies.

Board members are entitled to monthly compensation in the form of a stipend that is based on current district enrollment, as provided for in Education Code 35120.  Under current enrollment, the stipend total is $120 per month.  Board members are also entitled to receive health and welfare benefits that shall be no greater than that received by the district's non-safety employees with the most generous schedule of benefits. (Government Code 53208.5) (BB 9250)

Board Vacancy Application Packet
Due June 28th by 12 Noon to the District Office at 8560 Aliento Road, Lucerne Valley, CA 92356
Board President Tom Courtney
Vice President Jessica Risler
Clerk Chelsea LaGrange
Member Jim Harvey
Member Ruben Medina
Statements of Economic Interest Form 700