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   BOT HANDBOOK Governance Handbook for 2016-17
Board Goals


Student Achievement through a rich and varied curriculum: All learners will experience a challenging and relevant learning environment that will prepare them for the future.

A) All board decisions related to student achievement shall adhere to the objectives of the board approved Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) and the District Strategic Plan.


Community Relations: Lucerne Valley Unified School District will support and encourage every community member to invest in our children’s future and build shared ownership and participation in our school district through:

A) Seeking community involvement and considering the community a partner in all efforts to educate the students of Lucerne Valley.
  1. The board will accomplish this by encouraging board members to attend local community meetings representing the district and participating as necessary.
  2. Encourage community participation at District Board meetings.
  3. Promote a clear message about positive District activities regularly through the local press.

Budget and Finance: Lucerne Valley Unified School District will develop and implement a financial management system that ensures the highest levels of fiscal responsibility.

A) Board members will work towards a better understanding of the financial system in an intelligent manner. The Board needs to have an understanding of all aspects of budgeting i.e. how the money system works in regard to restricted and unrestricted funds.

B) Ensure that all decisions are supported by our LCAP and our Strategic Plan including:
  1. Long range budget planning that includes a balanced budget over a three year Period
  2. Thoughtful review of all practices to ensure long term sustainability.
  3. Budget planning which is student centered.
  4. Transparent budgeting processes.


Specific to members of the Board of Education: The Lucerne Valley Unified School District will hold itself to the highest standard possible out of respect to the school and community that we serve.


A) Embracing technology; the board will demonstrate its commitment to technology by utilizing it to perform regular board functions and by promoting its use throughout the District.


B) Adhere to board policies regarding board member responsibility and commitments specific to attendance at board meeting and other board related functions.


C) Board members will actively participate in available training of best governance practices in order to make best decisions for students, staff and the community.


D) Board members will strive to be respectful of differing ideas, opinions and votes of fellow Board members.