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Our History

Additional photos and information is available at a permanent display in Goulding Hall at Lucerne Valley Elementary School.

1897 – James Goulding, founder of our community, established the Box S Ranch at present-day intersection of State Route 18 and Highland Rd.

1910 – Goulding forms the first school site, Lucerne School, at the Box-S Ranch.

1912 – Midway School is formed in the east side of town on Midway and Rabbit Springs Road.

1915 – Rodman School is formed on North Side Road.

1916 – The town name was officially changed to Lucerne Valley (“Lucerne” is a British loanword of the French luzerne for “Alfalfa” in recognition of his success growing it using irrigation.) Both Lucerne School and Midway School are destroyed by windstorms. All students attend Rodman School until the other two schools were rebuilt, which faced complications from World War I.

1920 – Rodman School lapsed in enrollment, remaining students moved to Midway School.

1941 – After Lucerne School was condemned as unsafe, all students attended Midway School.

1951 – Plans form to construct the Lucerne Valley Elementary School, alongside Barstow Road.

1952 – Midway School burned to the ground during another windstorm.

1954 – Lucerne Valley Elementary School opens it’s doors with four classrooms and an office. Midway School used for additional classes.

1957 – Four additional classrooms are constructed for LVES.

1959 – Multipurpose Room and Library are constructed for LVES.

1967 – Last permanent structures added to LVES campus.

1985 – Ground broken for Middle School Campus at Aliento Road (currently the District Office), additional portables installed at LVES.

1987 – Lucerne Valley Unified School District formed. Lucerne Valley Middle School opened doors for Grades 6-8, Plans to construct a High School commence. Midway School is turned over to the County as a local park.

1990 – Lucerne Valley High School at Rabbit Springs Road begins construction.

1992 – Lucerne Valley High School opens its doors for the first time. Mountain View High School also opens at Ladera Ave behind the High School property as a continuation school.

1995 – Inaugural Graduating Class of Lucerne Valley High School.

1997 – 10th Anniversary of Lucerne Valley Unified School District, HS Football Field dedicated to Ron Peavy, exiting Superintendent.

1998 – Middle School Campus merged with High School Campus: seven portables moved for Grades 7-8, three portables moved to Elementary School for Grade 6. Mountain View High School moves to Aliento Road campus.

2008 – Early Childhood Academy installed at Elementary School for First 5 Programs, Preschool, and Kindergarten classes.

2012 – 25th Anniversary of Lucerne Valley Unified School District, High School Gymnasium dedicated in the memory of Brian L. Walker.
2018 – Lucerne Valley Elementary adds a SMART Lab for STEM learning, dedicated to Budd Biggs for his community involvement.