Lucerne Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees Earn CSBA Masters in Governance Certificates

LUCERNE VALLEY, CA — Chelsea LaGrange and Ruben Medina, trustees of the Lucerne Valley Unified School District, have demonstrated exceptional commitment to professional development in the service of students through their recent completion of the California School Boards Association (CSBA) Masters in Governance program. This accomplishment signifies mastery of the roles and responsibilities of school boards and a strong understanding of the knowledge and skills needed to build and support an effective governance structure that helps produce better outcomes for students.
LaGrange most recently completed the courses and Medina completed them earlier this year. LaGrange has served the community on the museum board and is a graduate from Lucerne Valley High School and is currently has her own children in the elementary school. She stated at a recent board meeting that she is looking to continue to serve the community and to help make our schools even better. Medina has had all 10 of his children in the Lucerne Valley School District. At a recent board meeting he spoke highly of the district’s FFA program and the impact it has had on his children.
“Already serving their local public schools and communities at a high level, the Masters in Governance certificate further demonstrates the commitment of trustees to ensuring equitable opportunities and outcomes for all students,” said CSBA President Emma Turner, a 2015 program graduate. “The topics addressed and skills acquired through MIG are integral to education governance and leadership in the 21st century. I commend and applaud graduates of the program for strengthening their professional capacity and for belter equipping themselves to serve and strengthen public schools.”
“Both Chelsea LaGrange and Ruben Medina have demonstrated their commitment to serving Lucerne Valley with their completion of the M.I.G. program,” shared Peter Livingston, Superintendent of Lucerne Valley Unified School District. “Their voice on the board is extremely important with their first-hand knowledge of the district having their own children in it. It is my belief that both trustees will help our district grow and serve our students moving forward. They are to be truly commended for their work.”
To receive the Masters in Governance certificate, candidates must complete 35 hours of intensive training on the role of the governance team in setting the direction of the district, student learning and achievement, school finance, human resources, policy and judicial review, collective bargaining, and community relations and advocacy.
CSBA is a nonprofit education association representing nearly 1,000 K-12 school districts and county offices of education throughout California.