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Mitsubishi Donates $31,000 in Scholarships

By Peter Day
Months after the school district’s Bud Biggs STEM Lab was dedicated, the Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Educational Foundation carried on the legacy of the company’s late beloved leader by increasing its annual donation to $31,000 in scholarships during the 2019 Senior Academic Awards and Scholarship Ceremony on Tuesday.
“There are a lot of ways we try to help,” said David Rib, Mitsubishi Cement’s environmental manager. “We know that colleges and training schools are expensive and students need our help.”
Mitsubishi Cement Corporation Educational Foundation gave a total of 13 one-time or multi-year scholarships to graduating seniors and several currently in college. Lucerne Valley High School seniors receiving scholarships of $2,000 to $2,500 from the MCCEF were Cheyenne Christman, David Cummings, Kylie Douglas, Sione Duarte, Kylee Horton, Rebekah Hart, Jake Kline, Hollie Lopez, Kennedy Silva and Brenda Velador Orozco.
While Mitsubishi was the biggest scholarship donor, it certainly wasn’t the only one to step up for Lucerne Valley students. Dan Tate of the Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation handed student Rebekah Hart a scholarship for $4,000, one of 11 given to graduating seniors in the area. Over all the foundation, which was started by former major league baseball player Don Ferrarese, has raised more than $2 million for area students.
Ann Cloud, president of the Lucerne Valley Lions Club presented a $2,000 scholarship to Lacey Kalinowski, $1,000 to Jake Kline and $1,000 to Sebastian Park.
Noha Singh and Ralph McCullers of OMYA presented $500 scholarships to Kylee Horton, Jake Kline, Elijah Lien and Jeremy Smith.
Deanna Wilson of the High Desert Community Foundation gave $1,000 to David Cummings on behalf of the Louise Stewart Memorial Scholarship and $500 to Cheyenne Christman on behalf of the Jeanne Blackwell Memorial Scholarship.
LVMHS teacher Nancy Monson, who presided over the event with Brooke Diegmiller of First Foundation Bank, presented a $500 scholarship to David Cummings on behalf of the Apple Valley Kiwanis-Junie Gobar. She also presented a $400 scholarship on behalf of the Schools First Federal Credit Union to Lacey Kalinowski and $400 scholarship to Kylee Horton on behalf of the Lucerne Valley Middle High School Staff.
Diegmiller presented $100 scholarships on behalf of First Foundation Bank to Kylie Douglas, Sione Duarte, Frank Fuerte, Kylee Horton, Lacey Kalinowski, Rebekah Hart, Jake Kline, Jordan Mills, Sharon Park and Jeremy Smith.
Marlene Fuller presented a $100 from her family to Rebekah Hart.
Jo Richards gave $300 scholarships to Rebekah Hart and Kennedy Silva on behalf of the Lucerne Valley Roadrunners and then received appropriately timed chivalry from Mr. Silva who helped her down the stage stairs.
Diane Holland, on behalf of the Lucerne Valley Chamber of Commerce, gave a $100 scholarship to Rebekah Hart. Jean Morgan gave a $100 scholarship to Rebekah Hart and $200 scholarships to Elijah Lien, Jordan Mills and Kennedy Silva on behalf of herself and Diane Holland.
Pastor Gary Schlenz presented a $250 scholarship on behalf of Crossroads Chapel to Cheyenne Christman and another $250 scholarship to Christman on behalf of U-Turn.
Harrison Hove of longtime school supporters Hi-Grade Materials presented $250 scholarships to Elijah Lien and Kylee Horton and encouraged the recipients to return to the community after attending college.
Additional scholarships were presented by Monson and Diegmiller on behalf of a number of scholarship donors. The following are the scholarship recipients, donors and amounts:
Esmeralda Alcazar: LVUSD Lunch Ladies, $120, Cafe 247, $100, Pat and Paul Sophy, $250, LV Community Scholarship, $950.
Jesus Arreola: R&R Towing, $100, Jim and Sheila Byrnes, $40, China House, $200, Lucerne Valley Community Scholarship, $950.
Austin Buchanan: The Boulevard to Health & Fitness, $250, Estate of Leroy LeBarre, $750, LV Community Scholarship, $500.
Cheyenne Christman: Pink Dragonfly, $50, Peter Livingston, $75, Hi-Desert Egg, $200, Chuck Bell (In Memory of Julia), $100, Otwell Family/Otwell Welding, $200.
David Cummings: Ron and Ann Lazenby, $100, Bob and Linda Riddle, $250, Pat Lugo (In Memory of Hector Lugo), $300.
Kylie Douglas: Hi-Desert Egg, $200, Otwell Family/Otwell Welding, $50, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, $200.
Sione Duarte: Peter Livingston, $75, Jesus Christ Ministries, $50.
Brody Evans: Bob and Linda Riddle, $250, Sherry Hardin, $100, Butcher Block, $500, LV Community Scholarship, $950.
Frank Fuerte: Lattin/Oliveira Families (IMO Bill & Doris Lattin), $100, AAA Builders, $500, Amrhein Family, $500, Sherry Hardin, $100, LV Youth Project, $100, California School Employees Association, $150.
Rebekah Hart: Jerry Byars/Security Storage, $250, Chuck Bell (In Memory of Julia Bell), $100, Lucerne Valley Youth Program, $100, Morosco Family, $100.
Kylee Horton: Giles Construction, $500, Sherry Hardin, $100, Otwell Family/Otwell Welding, $50, Vici Miller (In Memory of Bill Dewitt and Richard Miller), $250, Pat and Paul Sophy, $1,000, Lucerne Valley Grange, $500.
Lacey Kalinowski: Ron and Ann Lazenby, $100, Sherry Hardin, $100, CVS Stock Farm, $200.
Jack Kline: Ron and Ann Lazenby, $100, McGinnis Family, $100, Kiwi Sandals, $100, Halls Heating and Air Conditioning, $100, Giles Construction, $500, Lucerne Market and Hardware, $400, Marks Family (Dedicated to those who serve), $400, Michelle Boren-Affordable Cremations, $100, Martha Lynn, $500, Lucerne Valley Youth Project, $100, Moretz Mobile, $100, USA Sceptic, $100, Morosco Family, $100.
Elijah Lien: Lucerne Valley Market and Hardware, $400, Sherry Hardin, $500, USA Septic, $100, Pat and Paul Sophy, $1,000, Lucerne Valley Grange, $500, Estate of Leroy LeBarre, $750, Lucerne Valley Community Scholarship, $1,800.
Hollie Lopez: Marks Family (Dedicated to Those Who Serve), $200, Chuck Bell (in memory of Julia Bell), $100, Sherry Hardin, $200, Otwell Family/Otwell Welding, $50, Gaeta Family, $250, Brander Family/Amerprise Financial, $200.
Jordan Mills: Sherry Hardin, $100, DeSilva Construction, $200, Lucerne Valley Community Scholarship, $950.
Sebastian Park: Jim and Jesse Sisk, $100, Lucerne Valley Community Scholarship, $250.
Sharon Park: Chuck Bell (in memory of Julia Bell), $100, Otwell Family/Otwell Welding, $50, Pat and Paul Sophy, $250, Lucerne Valley Community Scholarship, $950.
Samantha Sidney: Ron and Ann Lazenby, $100, Marks Family (dedicated to those who serve), $200, VFW Post 5551, $500, Lucerne Valley Community Scholarship, $950.
Kennedy Silva: Jerry Byars/Security Storage, $250.
Jeremy Smith: Rocks Pizza, $100, Lucerne Valley Community Scholarship, $950.
Brenda Velador: California School Employees Association, $150, Sherry Hardin, $200.
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Rebekah Hart received a $4,000 scholarship from Dan Tate on behalf of the Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation.
Principal Nate Lambdin congratulates Elijah Lien for receiving a scholarship.
Jo Richards presents scholarships to Rebekah Hart and Kennedy Silva on behalf of the Lucerne Valley Roadrunners.