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Assistant Principal To Speak In D.C.

Lucerne Valley Middle High School Assistant Principal Kelly Boeing will speak at the 27th Annual Model Schools Conference in Washington, D.C., from June 23–26.
Boeing will present a “how-to” session on Tuesday morning called, “The Whole Child: Customizing a Multi-Tiered System of Support.” During her talk, Boeing will share how the whole child can be educated by using Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to better understand children so they can focus on education. The solution, according to Ms. Boeing, is to bring together academics, behavioral supports, and social-emotional learning by establishing a Multi-Tiered System of Support team.
She will also discuss the benefit of character development programs; restorative justice programs; counseling; online courses to address cyber-bullying, self-harm, and communication with peers and adults; note taking across all disciplines; and blended learning.
Boeing will be among 5,000 educators expected to attend the event.