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LVUSD Staff To Attend Diverse Selection of Educational Conferences

To help prepare for the 2019-20 school year and beyond, some members of the Lucerne Valley Unified School District staff are attending educational conferences this summer.
The following is the LVUSD’s summer conference schedule:
Lucerne Valley High School CTE auto instructor/coach Robert Kern attended the four-day Switch Lab Workshop in Sebastopol June 16-21. During the conference, Mr. Kern and other CTE teachers built an entire vehicle including EV component training, basic electricity, wiring and mechanics.
Superintendent Peter Livingston, Assistant Superintendents Burt Umstead and Nate Lambdin and Chief Business Official Douglas Beaton attended the 2019 San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools Educational Leadership Summit in Lake Arrowhead on June 18-20. The County Superintendent of Schools is Ted Alejandre.
LVMHS Assistant Superintendent Kelly Boeing attended the 27th Annual Model Schools Conference in Washington, D.C., from June 23–26. Boeing also presented a “how-to” session on Tuesday morning called, “The Whole Child: Customizing a Multi-Tiered System of Support.”
Middle school teacher Naomi Oyadomari currently is in Japan after being awarded an 8-day 2019 Keizai Koho Center Teacher Fellowship. Her trip concludes on July 2.
On June 24-27, Lucerne Valley Elementary School tech facilitator Ashley Thompson attended the AFDC 2019 STEM Conference in Jenks, Oklahoma.
A team of educators from LVMHS will attend the School-Connect Summer Institute training in Reno, Nevada from July 23-26. The team consists of Kelly Boeing, Derek Chip, Nate Lambdin and Rebecca Rubio. Attendees will concentrate on Social and Emotional Learning, which district administrators see as a key to helping students build skills necessary to successfully engage in the school environment.
Seven educators from the Middle High School will attend the annual AVID Summer Institute in San Diego on July 28-31. AVID is credited with helping to transform the school’s culture by helping teachers shift from just delivering content to facilitating learning. Team members going to the conference will be Amy James, Nate Lambdin, Cynthia McDonough, Sendy Ortiz, Naomi Oyadomari, Matthew Roehl and Linda Schlenz.
Teachers Cindy Lazenby and John Wortham will attend the NGPF Finance Camp Plus California in Anaheim on August 5-7. This workshop will cover Checking, Saving, Career, Taxes, Paying for College, Credit, and Budgeting. The topics are taught in the high school’s economics classes.
District staff will continue to attend conferences after school starts on August 8. On August 22 — and again on January 23 and April 23, 2020 — Melissa Cook-Rodriguez will attend the Center for Teacher Innovation Agency Representative Meetings in Apple Valley.
School counselor Rebecca Rubio will attend the UC High School Counselor Conference 2019 in Ontario on September 10. Ricky Anderson, Kelly Boeing and Burt Umstead will attend the Excellence Through Equity Conference 2019 in Indian Wells on September 11-13. Ms. Rubio will attend the L.A. Basin CSU High School Counselor Conference in Anaheim on September 20.
The school district’s Board of Trustees approved the conference requests during its regular meeting on June 13.
Peter Day currently is a social media advisor for the Lucerne Valley Unified School District.