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Japan Teacher Fellowship to Visit Lucerne Valley Middle High School

The Japan Teacher Fellowship will be visiting Lucerne Valley Middle High School from Tokyo, Japan in mid-November, according to LVMS AVID site coordinator Naomi Oyadomari.
“They have requested to come to our school on November 19th or 20th to observe my Japan lesson and activities that I will be presenting to my students from my trip to Japan this past summer,” Oyadomari said. 
The Japan Teacher Fellowship educators’ visit will coincide with Oyadomari’s culminating teaching activity of creating a Japanese meditational garden on the Lucerne Valley Middle School campus.  These Japanese coordinators will later be attending the National Council for Social Studies event in Austin, Texas from November 22-24 where Oyadomari is schedule to speak.
“I am very excited, honored — and also very nervous — that they have chosen our school to observe,” Oyadomari said of the special visitors.
Oyadomari was awarded a Keizai Koho Center Teacher Fellowship to study the Japanese economy, contemporary Japanese social and participate in roundtable discussions this past summer.
The teacher’s paternal grandfather came to Hawaii from Japan. In history lessons, she has taught from the book “Farewell to Manzanar,” which is about life in the Bishop-area internment camp during World War II.
Oyadomari also is the organizer of the upcoming D.C. 2020 Trip in which Lucerne Valley students will get a chance to travel to the U.S. East Coast. Recently, she organized the highly successful Lucerne Valley Epic Reunion whose proceeds went to help pay for the student trip.
To learn more about the DC 2020 Trip, visit Lucerne Valley DC Crew 2020 on Facebook.