Lambert Family Shares ‘Magic of the Cove’

By Peter Day
LeeAnn and Joe Lambert have been highly active Lucerne Valley school volunteers, especially in support of their children’s theatrical pursuits at Lucerne Valley Elementary School.
But for the last eight years, the Lamberts — along with daughter Kylee (now in middle school) and son Evan — have used their lighting, set design and costume skills to bring Christmas to life with their colorful “Magic in the Cove” lighting display. The Christmas light display has grown over the years, and today there are 70,000 lights all synced to music.
The highlight, according to the Lamberts, is when the elementary school comes for their field trip. “We enjoy it after it is all put up and see everyone watching.”
The “Magic In The Cove” Christmas light display is located at 30125 Cherwell St., Lucerne Valley. The display runs through New Year’s Eve. To learn more about the Lambert’s light display, visit
Peter Day is a social media adviser for the Lucerne Valley Unified School District.
Photos and videos by Jessica Risler, a member of the Lucerne Valley USD’s governing board.

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