Teacher Krystal Nelson, Office Staffer Billie Stebbins Named LVUSD Employees of the Month

Lucerne Valley Elementary teacher Krystal Nelson and Middle High School Office Clerk Billie Stebbins were named the Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s Employees of the Month during Thursday’s regular meeting of the district’s governing board.


Krystal Nelson, who was named the certified employee of the month, joined the LVES team last year and has done an outstanding job with the school’s second graders, according to the teacher’s nomination letter.
“Krystal is a fine educator and is working very hard to refine her craft,” Superintendent Peter Livingston said. “Krystal is always open to improvement and never becomes defensive when presented with new ideas. Krystal is always open to any trainings that become available to improve her instruction.”
While the teacher has been with school it has become very clear that she is a natural.
“Krystal is looking in to the possibility of forming a robotics group with our younger students here at LVES. Krystal has been a pioneer and a true force behind the implementation of Restorative Practices. Each and every morning she holds a Community Circle with her 2nd graders. Her classrooms have the strongest sense of community that can be found anywhere. This has led to her classrooms being a positive, safe, predictable and fun place of learning for her students.”
Ms. Nelson will be attending Universal Design for Learning (UDL) training this Spring.


The effectiveness of a great organization like Lucerne Valley Unified School District relies heavily on the people who serve its stakeholders. This month’s classified Employee of the Month truly represents what it means to serve our community, according to Billie Stebbins’ nominator.
When she isn’t serving the staff and students at the middle/high school in her role as a clerk, Billie can likely be found serving our community as a member of the Roadrunners, or serving on the Board of Directors for our Chamber of Commerce. Over the holiday break, she was instrumental in ensuring that our local kids did not go without a present for Christmas.

At LVMHS, Billie’s dedication to accomplishing the day-to-day operations of the front office are quite visible in the success of the school. Billie’s obviously high moral character serves as an excellent model for all employees on how to perform as responsible professionals. Ms. Stebbins has helped many people to recognize, develop and live by sound values, and to have a sense of responsibility not only to themselves but to the entire LVUSD organization.
Co-workers gave each awardee a round of applause when they received their awards Thursday night.
From left to right, Superintendent Peter Livingston, Board President Tom Courtney, Board Clerk Chelsea LaGrange, employees of the month Krystal Nelson and Billie Stebbins, Board Vice-President Jessica Risler, and Board Member Jim Harvey. Photo by Doug Beaton