VFW Essay Winners Receive Plaques

Four of the six Lucerne Valley Middle High School winners of the VFW’s “Voice of Democracy” and “Patriot’s Pen” contests were on hand at Thursday’s school board meeting to receive their plaques.
Receiving their awards and have a photo taken with school board members were Jadyn Paddack and Rylee Giles, who received 2nd and 3rd place awards, respectively for their middle school “Patriot’s Pen” essays, and high-schoolers Jenese Alarcon and Ian Collins, who received 1st and 3rd place awards, respectively, for their audio essays, “Voice of Democracy.” The 2020 theme was “What Makes America Great.”
Lillianna Forsythe, who took second in the VFW’s audio essay contest, and first-place Patriot’s Pen contestant Meilani Nguyen, were not in attendance.
The school board and district staff also recognized Herald Keesee of the VFW for organizing the local contest. Keesee encouraged Lucerne Valley teachers to enter the contests in which monetary awards are given. Each of the students received $25 from VFW Post 5551. Top winner Jenese Alarcon received a total of $350.
From left, Supt. Pete Livingston, School Board President Tom Courtney, Board Vice President Jessica Risler, Jadyn Paddack, Rylee Giles, Board Members Chelsea LaGrange and Jim Harvey, Jenese Alarcon, Ian Collins and VFW Post 5551 representative Herald Keesee. Photo by Douglas Beaton