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Updates on Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s Distance Learning opportunities:

Updates on Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s Distance Learning opportunities:

What you can expect:

Our teaching staff will be reaching out to families to establish clear communication while you set up

your student’s distance learning opportunities. Once the system begins, you can expect contact of

some sort with your child’s teacher(s) to check in, provide feedback, update assignments, etc. We

will keep our website up to date with links and resources for students and parents throughout this


Devices for Distance Learning and Material Access:

In most cases the distance learning plan will include at least some items delivered or shared to your

student through one of our approved applications. Whether Google Classroom, a Zoom conference,

or a link to one of adopted programs, much can be delivered this way. We know that some families

have a device at home already for students to use. LVES has chromebooks to distribute this week for

those who need AND request. Please contact the school office (760) 248-7659 for a pick up time. In

order to make sure that there is a staff member at the site and to adhere to social distancing protocol,

it is imperative that a pick-up time is scheduled. LVMS & LVHS students should already have their

ChromeBooks. we will be working to develop and distribute print materials that are appropriate to

support learning. Further, we know that not all families have the internet at home. Currently, Frontier

is available for a fee, AT&T is offering public WiFi if you are near a company that uses their WiFi,

and access can occur by creating a mobile hotspot with your smartphone. If you have the availability

to use hotspot connectivity via your cell phone, the California Department of Education has posted

information and links to get free/discounted internet service for selected carriers.

Content Development and Delivery:

Shortly, a dedicated web page will be published for parents with a list of resources for grades K-12.

This has been curated to align with our adopted curriculum and practices. Teachers will be working

to build expertise to transition to a temporary distance delivery model. There is training for teachers

to complete as they build a new connection to you and your child using the online platforms,

telephone, or other means of communication. By the end of the first week, we intend that all students

have made this new connection and set the stage for daily interactions around the grade level or

content they teach.

State Testing:

California state testing (CAASPP) has been canceled for the 2019-2020 school year.

Graduation and other year-end activities:

Although we are anticipating a May 4th return to school, which is what the Governor Newsome has

stated, the response to COVID-19 is changing by the minute. At this time there is not a clear and

concise response to these very important questions. As soon as there is a clear directive from the

state, Lucerne Valley Unified School District will comply with those orders.