Teacher Carley Stiles And Custodian Vickie McLaughlin Named Employees of the Month

By LVUSD Social Media
The Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s governing board presented Employees of the Month awards to Lucerne Valley Elementary School teacher Carley Stiles and custodian Vickie McLaughlin during its November regular meeting at Lucerne Valley Middle High School.
Superintendent Peter Livingston presented the awards and shared comments made by their nominators, LVES Principal Ricky Anderson and Middle High School Co-Principal Nate Lambdin.
A second-year teacher, Carley Stiles goes “above and beyond” to meet the needs of her students, Mr. Livingston said about the certificated awardee. “With the recent need for distance learning, educators have had to rely on technology and digital platforms to deliver the content of their lessons. One teacher at the elementary site who has gone above and beyond to provide engaging instruction to her students is Carley Stiles. Carley has been at the elementary site for two full years and has stepped up at being a leader in her grade level and a professional development presenter to help her colleagues with technology and digital platforms.”
She “creates a warm, caring learning environment for her students and is attentive to their individual needs,” he added. “She is well-liked by her colleagues and works collaboratively with her 3rd grade team to enhance the quality of instruction for students.”
Assistant Principal Joanna Mora, who gave an update on the recent completion a third-grade coaching cycle, was especially impressed with Stiles and added, “Carley Stiles is definitely deserving of the award she got tonight.”


While Mrs. Stiles’ presentation was upbeat, Vickie McLaughlin’s award had a mixture of emotions. Not only did she receive the Classified Employee of the Month award, but the district also honored her recent retirement after serving the district for 15 years.
“Not only do we have the pleasure of recognizing Vickie as this month’s Classified Employee of the Month, but we also have the opportunity to wish her heartfelt congratulations on her retirement,” Mr. Livingston said. “Vickie’s standout career with the Lucerne Valley Unified School District began over 15 years ago at the Elementary School. She has truly touched the hearts of staff and students alike.
“By being highly knowledgeable and committed to the ideals of professionalism and hard work, Vickie has made a tremendous mark on the overall operation of the District. Because of the respect others have for Vickie, she has had an influence on everyone with whom she has had contact students, staff, teachers, and administrators alike. She is often sought out for advice in difficult situations. Vickie is an inspiration in always being ready to help others and to take more than a fair share of the workload.
“Vickie has helped many people to recognize, develop and live by sound values, and to have a sense of responsibility not only to themselves but to the entire District. She treats all people in a friendly, equal manner and will literally stop everything to help others. Her friendly, smiling face, and positive nature will be greatly missed.”
Adding to the emotion, Ms. McLaughlin is the grandmother the late U.S. Army Sgt. Tyler Shelton, who was killed along with another soldier during a training exercise in a Black Hawk helicopter crash on San Clemente Island on August 27th.
Earlier, during the beginning of the presentation, Mr. Livingston teared up as he spoke about the dedicated custodian and her grandson. Mr. Lambdin and Co-Principal Kelly Boeing presented Ms. McLaughlin with a flag from a unique wooden frame with a cross handmade by Mrs. Boeing’s husband, Randy Boeing.
“We are really going to unbelievably miss you, Mr. Lambdin said. “We are family.”
Mrs. Boeing told a story about how McLaughlin helped a student who was having behavioral issues. “The girl became Vickie’s personal assistant and followed Vickie around. She was like the no-nonsense mom who gave real good advice. The girl experience a lot of personal growth. I saw big changes in this girl.”
“It just goes to show you it doesn’t matter what role you have in education, the ability to make an impact on a child is huge,” Lambdin added. “Vickie did.”
#1 Teacher Carley Stiles and custodian Vickie McLaughlin were named Employees of the Month. Pictured, from left, Superintendent Peter Livingston, school board clerk Chelsea LaGrange (who conducted the meeting), school board member Jim Harvey, Carley Stiles, Vickie McLaughlin, board member Jessica Risler and board member Ruben Medina.
#2 Vickie McLaughlin, center, was presented a special flag by Co-Principals Kelly Boeing, left, and Nate Lambdin. Boeing's husband Randy made the frame.