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Jessica Haecker, Micah Rowland Named LVUSD Employees of the Month

Teacher Jessica Haecker and Maintenance and Operations team member Micah Roland were named Employees of the Month during Thursday’s monthly meeting of the Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s board of trustees. Superintendent Peter Livingston presented the awards.
Jessica Haecker, who was named the certificated Employee of the Month, is a dedicated teacher “who encourages students to think deeply, and outside of the box, while ensuring that they are engaged and comfortable with expanding their ideas beyond what is expected,” according to Middle High School co-principal Kelly Boeing, who wrote Jessica’s nomination letter. She has been instrumental in helping students learn via “distance learning” since the pandemic hit last year.
“Ask anyone in education and we all have an opinion when it comes to Distance Learning. Rather than getting stuck on what Distance Learning is or is not, she focused on, How do I make this work for the kids? Understanding that, like most other students, their success is dependent on support and being on campus. Jessica and her team rearranged schedules, notions of what Distance Learning should look like and brought their kids back to campus, teaching via Zoom and in person, simultaneously. Jessica has been challenged to ease her students’ fears and anxieties while keeping them on track academically. Every day she encourages the students who are working remotely as well as the students that are in person in her classroom.
“She effectively utilizes instructional strategies that accommodate the needs of students with diverse learning abilities. And this is not limited to students, she also supports teachers, hosting mini workshops on technology programs; Google Classroom, AERIES Gradebook, etc. On a daily basis she provides rigor to all students at all levels using reflection, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity while setting them up for success with scaffolding, modeling and knowing when to flex the instructional strategies. For the 2020-2021 school year she has taken on the role of EL Coordinator at the middle high school. Working closely with EL students, families, and teachers to get support to the students in order to help them find success academically.
“She has also been instrumental in the success of the professional development training program for iReady, a student assessment system that will be imperative for collecting student data since there was no state testing last year and possibly this year. She has also taken on the very demanding position of Data Coordinator. In this role, she looks at the implications of the data collected. Last year, she noticed a large discrepancy in a particular subgroup not being represented. A well intentioned grade requirement policy was excluding this subgroup. As a department, this information was discussed and new policy was written. But without Jessica, this discrepancy would not have been identified as quickly.
“She promotes an open door policy for communication with students and parents and providing feedback on student growth, accomplishments and challenges. Jessica has an uncanny ability to reach the most difficult of students with a no-nonsense firm approach but a loving heart. She knows just how to get their attention and encourage them to be their very best. Last year, a student left home without permission. The student called the office and said that he wanted Mrs. Haecker and another teacher to pick him up and take him back home. In his most trying moment, he wanted her. That is the type of relationship that Mrs. Haecker establishes with all of her students.”


Micah Roland was given this month’s Classified Employee of the Month award.
“Micah exhibits enthusiasm for the daily projects and assignments that he is challenged with as a member of our Maintenance & Operations team,” according to his nomination letter. “Micah is always striving to improve his knowledge, skills, and abilities. He is clearly able to analyze what is being asked and devises methods to master the mission. Micah continues to build skills to maximize his performance and successfully get the job done. He always displays an abundance of energy and initiative in trying out different ways to use his skills.
“Care is given to meeting the goals of the department while collaboratively working with each member of the department. Micah always puts forth an outstanding effort and works hard to accomplish whatever project is needed for the district.”
Teacher Jessica Haecker and Maintenance and Operations team member Micah Roland were named Employees of the Month during Thursday’s monthly meeting of the Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s board of trustees. Pictured, from left, Superintendent Peter Livingston, School Board President Tom Courtney, Jessica Haecker (front), School Board Clerk Chelsea LaGrange, Micah Roland (front), School Board member Jim Harvey, School Board Vice-President Jessica Risler, and School Board Member Ruben Medina. Photo by Douglas Beaton