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Employee of Month Award Presented to Kimberly Snow

Published 1:30 p.m., Friday, August 13, 2021
The Lucerne Valley Unified School District presented its Employee of the Month award to transportation supervisor Kimberly Snow during its regular meeting on Thursday, August 12.
Ms. Snow, who was originally scheduled to receive her award in June but was unavailable, was credited by Superintendent Peter Livingston for ensuring Lucerne Valley students get to and from school safely by overseeing a quality fleet of dedicated bus drivers.
“It’s not an easy department to run,” Mr. Livingston said. “She finds a way to get it done. She wears a smile every day. The drivers are the first to see the kids in the morning and the last to see them at night.”
“It’s a thankless job,” he added. “Thank you to our drivers.”
“I haven’t heard any complaints,” said school board president Tom Courtney who has grandchildren in LVUSD schools, “and that makes me happy.”