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Liuchoy Hirschhorn, Denise Quesenberry Named Employees of the Month

Elementary school teacher Liuchoy Hirschhorn and lead maintenance staff member Denise Quesenberry were recognized as Employees of the Month at Thursday’s monthly meeting of the Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s Board of Trustees.
With co-workers and supporters looking on, Superintendent Peter Livingston presented the awards followed by a photo op of the award winners with Mr. Livingston and the school board.

Certificated Employee of the Month - Liu Hirschhorn

Sharing comments from Mrs. Hirschhorn’s nomination letter, Mr. Livingston said Liu has been a familiar face at the elementary site and the district for quite some time. She currently serves as the site Teacher On Special Assignment (TOSA), Intervention teacher, English Language coordinator, and “whatever hat she happens to put on a given day.”
Moreover, she is always willing to give a helping hand and take on a task, whether teaching a kindergarten class, taking on the role as admin in-charge, or a parent liaison.
“She strives at being a team player and supports all staff and students at the site, serving as a mentor to all teachers.”
But there’s more.
She trains staff on various items including “Write from the Beginning and Beyond,” Thinking Maps, and PBIS. She is highly knowledgeable in many of the programs at the elementary site and well versed in successful teaching strategies. She is very passionate about what she does and especially her work with our English language learners.
“We are incredibly proud of the work she has done for the English Language Learners at ALL sites,” according to her nomination letter. “Her work with English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) testing, EL redesignation, and setting meetings up for our English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) and District English Learner Advisory Committee (DELAC) have been huge contributions to the district. 
This past year Mrs. Hirschhorn completed the Federal Progress Monitoring (FPM) portion for the district, which was an extensive task involving submitting documentation for our EL students and tracking their progress. Upon completing this arduous task, she exclaimed, “I felt like I just completed the Boston Marathon!” 

Classified Employee of the Month - Denise Quesenberry

“Denise has done an exceptional job in the capacity as a lead for the custodial team here at the Lucerne Valley Unified School District,” Mr. Livingston shared.  “Ms. Quesenberry’s obviously high moral character is an excellent model for department members on how to perform as responsible professionals. Denise firmly believes that all people should be treated as valued members of the team and the district. She has helped many people to have a sense of responsibility not only to themselves but to the entire custodial department.”
According to Mr. Livingston and her supervisor, Ms. Quesenberry is always accountable for all the details of the operation of the department, and holds individuals equally accountable for personal performances. She has a positive effect on her department members and is highly respected by her team and the school leaders. 
She possesses the following qualities of excellence: dedication, passion for helping, high standards, fairness, care in meeting the goals of the department, commitment and leadership. 
“Denise treats all people in a friendly, equal manner and receives the same from each member of the custodial team. Department members respond well in her presence. Her effectiveness is reflected in the high level of accountability and production of the department.”

 Pictured, from left, Superintendent Peter Livingston, Tom Courtney (board president), Chelsea LaGrange (secretary), Denise Quesenberry, Liuchoy Hirschhorn, Jessica Risler (board vice-president), and board members Jason Hansen and Jim Harvey. Photo courtesy Doug Beaton