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LVEDA, Johnson Valley Associations, Lucerne Valley Businesses Support LVUSD Resolution Opposing COVID-19 Vaccine Mandates

The Lucerne Valley Economic Development Association, the Johnson Valley Improvement Association, Homestead Valley Community Council and a number of Lucerne Valley businesses and organizations have voiced support for the Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s resolution #2122-10 opposing the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.
To date, 21 business have expressed agreement with the resolution, according to LVEDA President Charles “Chuck” Bell, who signed the letter on November 8th.
“We stand strong as a community with the Lucerne Valley Unified School District against the vaccine mandate,” the letter states. “We agree that the vaccine mandate is an infringement of rights and freedom on the students and families, the long-term effects of this vaccine on children is unknown and can be potentially harmful. Also this mandate discriminates against students and staff that have had COVID-10 and recovered.
“School aged children are the smallest population affected by the virus and there have been minimal cases in Lucerne Valley with an excellent recovery rate due to the proper precautions the school district has put in place. We are in agreement that this is an over-reach of government to the school children and their families.”
JVIA’s letter was signed by President Betty Munson on October 26th.
“Johnson Valley students are in your district,” Munson wrote. “We appreciate the LVUSD common sense comments on the ‘science’ and legalities involved.”
Munson, also the secretary of the Homestead Valley Community Center — which is made up of representatives from Landers, Johnson Valley, Yucca Mesa and Flamingo Heights — wrote in a letter that the HVCC voted to support the LVUSD Resolution during its October 18th meeting. 
On October 15th, the LVUSD’s Governing Board unanimously passed Board Resolution 2122-10. The four-page resolution, which outlines the LVUSD position on vaccination mandates for schools, cites a number of points substantiated by references to court cases. The key points include the trustees belief in parental choice, the lack of legal authority to mandate COVID-19 vaccines, the virus’s low risk to school-aged children, the constitutional protection for people to deny unwanted medical treatment, scientific studies indicating that people who have recovered from COVID-19 may have “more durable and long-lasting immunity to COVID-19 than individuals with vaccine induced immunity,” and the California constitutional guarantee to a free public education.   
The following are the businesses and organizations lending their support to the LVEDA letter:
Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware Store, Lucerne Valley Chamber of Commerce, Lucerne Valley Lion’s Club, Lucerne Valley Properties, Inc., Lucerne Valley Moose Lodge, Hunter Harbor Resource Center, Corner Hay and Feed, Blue Bead Farms, USA Septic, His Closet Thrift Store, Burger Depot, His Garden Flowers, Pastor Gary Schlenz, pastor of Crossroads Chapel, Otwell Welding & Fabrication, Coyote Loco Restaurant, Cafe 247, High Country Real Estate, The Blvd. Health and Wellness, Quality Treasures Thrift and More, Church of Our Lord and Savior, and Lucerne Valley Museum Association.
The letters from LVEDA, JVIA and HVCC are below.