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Lucerne Valley Elementary School Passes 600-student Milestone

For the first time in a number of years, Lucerne Valley Elementary School has an enrollment of 600 or more students, announced Lucerne Valley Unified School District Superintendent Peter Livingston.
As of Thursday, January 20th, 601 students were enrolled at the Elementary School. Adding the 229 students at Lucerne Valley High School, 145 at the Middle School, and nine students at Mountain View Alternative High School (four students graduated in December), the Lucerne Valley USD is just 16 students shy of a major milestone — 1,000 students — with a current enrollment of 984 overall.
The new enrollment figure represents a 34% increase over the district’s enrollment at the end of 2015-16, when Lucerne Valley USD had just 697 students.
Mr. Livingston was quick to applaud all staff members at the Elementary School and throughout the district upon learning of the enrollment numbers.
“It’s true highlight to everyone’s work,” Mr. Livingston said. “Through a global pandemic we have continued our growth. It has been many years since the district had these numbers. Our Middle School and High School continue their steady growth. The Elementary numbers are coming in strong in our lower grades and will continue to move upward into the Middle School and High School over the years. Our next door we are knocking on is 1,000 students.”
Lucerne Valley has continued to grow despite many other districts in San Bernardino County and throughout California in declining enrollment.
“Great work to everyone,” he told his staff, “and know that your work to our community is appreciated by all.”