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School Board Approves Creation of Accountant Position

The increased requirements of state and federal funded programs has caused the Lucerne Valley Unified School District to create a job description for a new accountant position. The school board’s unanimous approval on April 14th paved the way for the district to hire a person to fill the position.
When hired, the accountant will work under the direction of Chief Business Official Douglas Beaton. The person will be responsible for financial record keeping, fiscal analysis, preparation of financial reports, and other required projects. The accountant will assist in developing the annual budget, payroll, and accounts payable, and prepare administrative studies and reports, and more.
Superintendent Peter Livingston, who worked with Mr. Beaton to define the requirements, said the new position is warranted for a growing school district the size of Lucerne Valley USD.
“I had various conversations with other districts and this additional support would be in line with what they’re providing in their business departments,” Mr. Livingston said. “This would be a new position we’d like to fill for the 2022-23 school year.”