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Leigh Hannon Named Employee of the Month

Longtime kindergarten teacher Leigh Hannon was named Employee of the Month at the September 8th meeting of the school district’s Board of Trustees. Superintendent Peter Livingston presented the award.
“Leigh has served as an early childhood teacher for 28 years at Lucerne Valley Elementary,” Mr. Livingston said in sharing nomination information from her supervisor. “Leigh has been a kindergarten teacher for over 23 of those years. She is truly a teacher who loves working with the ‘Littles,’ and she has a special talent for creating close relationships with her students and their parents. Students promoted from Leigh’s class are highly prepared for first grade both academically and socially.
“Leigh has taken many new teachers under her wing and has served as a mentor for many teachers completing credential programs throughout the years. She is also a member of the School Leadership Team. She is our current Write from the Beginning and Beyond Coach, teaching and supporting the entire teaching staff in using the program with fidelity. Even after so many years of teaching kindergarten, Leigh still researches new methodologies and is always looking for ways to improve her teaching by finding the best academic programs to implement with students.”
After looking at the school’s enrollment numbers for the 2022-23 school year, Principal Joanna Mora determined the need for a kinder/first combo class.
“When asked for volunteers, Leigh stated she would do it and promptly went to work collaborating with both grade level teams,” Mrs. Mora says. “As it happens, we were lucky enough to be given the opportunity to move a current TK teacher into an Art Enrichment Teacher effective immediately, which left a hole in TK. AND 2 weeks into a new school year, Leigh thankfully pivoted again and switched to a TK/Kinder combo taking on several kids from the other class and working through the weekend collaborating with the other TK/Kinder Combo teacher to ensure they were effectively teaching the same content.”
Hannon Employee of Month