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LVMHS ‘Student Stringers’ Write Articles For Pulse Newspaper

Several Lucerne Valley Middle High School students have penned articles for the recent Lucerne Valley edition of the Pulse of the High Desert.
Rochelle DuBoise and Crystal Castle shared a byline for “The Future of the Lucerne Valley Rangers,” Riley Rodriguez and Diego Juarez co-wrote “Pride and Esteem in the Halls Offered by New Military Science Class,” and Yesenia Cazales and Nathan Bhojwani co-wrote “Exciting New Teachers, New Changes at LV Middle/High School Campus.”
The student reporters earn community points in their Helping Hands graduation program. These students are mentored by LVMHS teacher David Prouty, who has an English/Journalism background. After the articles are written, they are passed along to LV Pulse edition editor Rusty LaGrange and Publisher James Conkle.
The partnership is administered with the assistance and oversight of LVMHS Principal Kelly Boeing. For more information, call (760) 646-2661.
The Pulse of the High Desert is available at the Lucerne Valley Market & Hardware Store. Subscriptions are also available. For more information, call (760) 512-9300.
Published Monday, October 31, 2022