Maylin Rios, Edelmira Sosa Sanchez Presented With Diplomas

winter grad 1
MVHS Teacher Victoria Kessler, left, with high school graduates Edelmira Sosa Sanchez and Maylin Rios and Superintendent/Principal Peter Livingston. Photo by Doug Beaton
LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. -- Two hardworking, dedicated students who persevered through numerous challenges received the fruits of the labor during the Winter 2022 High School Graduation Ceremony for Mountain View High School. With family, staff and district dignitaries looking on, Maylin Rios and Edelmira Sosa Sanchez were presented their diplomas on December 14, 2022 by Superintendent/Principal Peter Livingston and MVHS Teacher/Administrative Designee Victoria Kessler and Alternative Education Assistant Lori Herriman.
Among those in attendance were LVUSD Business Official Douglas Beaton and longtime school board member Jim Harvey.
Each graduate shared a mixture of emotions upon receiving their diplomas.
“I am filled with such joy and gratification with knowing I have graduated and achieved in getting a high school diploma,” graduate Edelmira Sosa Sanchez said during her speech. “I am pleased to know that my hard work has finally paid off.”
“I am filled with an overwhelming sense of enjoyment, excitement and shock,” graduate Maylin Rio shared in her graduation speech. “I know how hard I have fought to be here, how many nights I have laid awake and wondered what I would do with my life…. I understand that I deserve to be here, even if I may not feel it.”
Both of the graduates credited their families for helping them stay on their paths. 
Edelmira thanked her hardworking father who supported her and made time to be with her. She thanked her brother-in-law Oscar “who acted like a second father to me.”  She also said that graduate Maylin became a helpful friend who helped with her English assignments. “She has lightened the mood on many days with her humorous and uplifting personality. She gave special thanks to her sister Anna for her never-ending support.
Maylin credited “the undying love and support from my mother,” who urged her to continue her pursuit of her diploma.
Teacher Victoria Kessler and assistant Lori Herriman received much praise for their devotion to the students. 
“These two wonderful women could not be thanked enough,” Maylin said.  “They have provided me with more than enough work that was easy to understand and complete. They have acted as more than just a teacher or administrator. They have gone beyond mountains to see me graduate.”
Edelmira said, “Both of these intelligent ladies have helped me a lot with my work. They have given me all their support and because of them I was able to move through all my needed assignments fluently.
The LVHS Military Science Class presented the Colors. Ms. Kessler and Peter Livingston welcomed the guests.
Maylin Rios plans on enrolling in college, while Edelmira Sosa Sanchez envisions becoming a medical lawyer. Following the ceremony, attendees enjoyed a graduation cake.
Winter Grad 2
Mr. Livingston formally accepted the class. Photo by Doug Beaton
Winter Grad 3
Maylin Rios presents her graduation speech. Photo by Doug Beaton
Winter Grad 4
Maylin Rios (left) and Edelmira Sosa Sanchez (right)
Winter Grad 5
Mr. Livingston presents the high school diploma to graduate Edelmira Sosa Sanchez. Photo by Doug Beaton
Winter Grad 6
Mr. Livingston presents diploma to Maylin Rios. Photo by Doug Beaton
Winter Grad 7
Edelmira Sosa Sanchez with flowers and her diploma.
Winter Grad 8
Guests enjoyed a tasty cake after the ceremony.
Winter Grad 9
Graduate Edelmira Sosa Sanchez with her family. Photo by Doug Beaton