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Roadrunners Perform Annual Gift Giveaway

Judy and peeps
Roadrunner Judy Baudoux, center, and her assistants serve a family during Tuesday's Lucerne Valley Roadrunner Christmas Gift Giveaway.
LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. — Once again, the Lucerne Valley Roadrunners came to the rescue and distributed a wide variety of gifts and other goodies to Lucerne Valley youngsters and their families during their annual Christmas Gift Giveaway event on Tuesday. 
A day earlier, club members and other community helpers gathered at Lucerne Valley Elementary School’s Goulding Hall to assemble the gifts, hygiene kits, hams, books, and some clothing items into bags. On the day of the event, Roadrunner member Judy Baudoux and several helpers handed out the bags to families in need who had signed up to receive the holiday goodies.
The Lucerne Valley community, including numerous students, staff members and families participated in the toy drive leading up the this week’s event.
bags afar