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Game Day Provides Fun Learning Opportunity

Mrs. Eller and students
Mrs. Eller visits a game tables during the recent Game Day event at the Virtual Academy. Photo by Peter Day
LUCERNE VALLEY, Tuesday, February 7th — Mrs. Eller’s elementary school-aged students at the Lucerne Valley Virtual Academy practiced their mathematics skills while enjoying an array of puzzles during the school’s Game Day last Tuesday.
The students, who typically work from home, spent the afternoon at the school socializing with their classmates and learning game strategy while playing the games. Board games engage children’s imagination and and help sharpen their logic and reasoning — without the students even realizing it. The games help with pattern recognition and teach a variety of skills.
Mrs. Eller and student
A young Virtual Academy student gets assistance counting on her fingers. Photo by Peter Day
The Virtual Academy hosts get-together events throughout the school year to provide socialization opportunities for the students. The school holds a Science Fair and have conducted a number of field trips. 
Mrs. Eller teaches kindergarten through 6th grade. Mrs. Lazenby teaches 7th grade and above at the Virtual Academy, which was started in 2020 to provide an additional schooling option for families during the pandemic.
Woman helper
A parent volunteer lends a hand during the recent event.
Students enjoyed several puzzles and board games depending on the grade level.