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LV’s Heroic Teacher Steve Gaskell Helps Mountain Residents

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif — Lucerne Valley Middle School teacher Steve Gaskell is known for helping his students reach for success, but during the recent snow storm in our local mountains Mr. Gaskell went beyond the call of duty.
With a blizzard burying the mountain areas with many feet of snow, Mr. Gaskell did what came naturally to him — he helped. He loaded his four-wheel drive vehicle with food, supplies and some much needed medications for those with medical conditions like diabetes and went to those crying out for assistance.
“Today middle school teacher Steve Gaskell is a literal lifeline,” said NBC Nightly News reporter Miguel Almaguer. “His Jeep loaded with meals and insulin for Marissa Cupsack’s uncle who was stranded at home.”
“It’s tough, it really is,” said Mr. Gaskell as he held back tears. “I think the first responders were overwhelmed with the amount of calls they were getting.”
Emergency services workers such as police and firefighters are doing what they can to help, but it’s the volunteers such as Mr. Gaskell who have really “made the difference,” reported Almaguer.
Note: More than a dozen mountain area residents have died during the storm, which shut down or severely limited road access.
Click on the link to view the NBC News video featuring Lucerne Valley Middle School teacher Steve Gaskell.