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Charles Ledbetter, Joseph Muller Named Employees of the Month

Board Awards Employees
From left: Superintendent Peter Livingston, Board Vice-President Chelsea LaGrange, Board President Jessica Risler, Charles Ledbetter, Joseph Muller, and board members Tom Courtney, Jason Hansen and Jim Harvey. Photo by Marina Savchenko
Middle School Coach/Teacher Charles Ledbetter and Elementary School Instructional Aide Joseph Muller were recognized as the Lucerne Valley Unified School District’s Employees of the Month during the Thursday, April 13th meeting of the Board of Trustees.
Superintendent Peter Livingston presented the awards during a packed event that included friends and family members.


“Coach Ledbetter joined the LVMHS team this year and has already made a significant impact on the entire school,” Mr. Livingston said, quoting the administrators’ nomination letter. “His obvious passion for physical education is clearly evident as is his ability to build positive relationships with staff and students alike. Mr. Ledbetter’s enthusiasm helps him to inspire students to achieve at a high level. His students look up to him as a mentor. 
“Coach Ledbetter teaches values through physical education which contributes to our student’s personal development and growth. His lessons on the field, on the courts, and in the classroom provide students with the means to build important characteristics like resilience, confidence, adaptability, and a desire to succeed. 
“Mr. Ledbetter is truly an exceptional teacher, coach, and mentor. Once again, congratulations to Mr. Charles Ledbetter as this month’s Certificated Employee of the Month.”

JOSEPH MULLER - Classified

“Joe began as a substitute Campus Aide and has transitioned into an Instructional Aide, working closely with several students who need extra attention and care,” Mr. Livingston said, quoting Mr. Muller’s nomination letter from LVES administrators. “This school year Joe has really proven himself to be reliable and consistent. He is always willing to fill in when we are short, even if it’s last minute. Joe has proven to be extremely flexible and is willing and able to change what he is doing on a minute’s notice with a great attitude.
“There have been many occasions where Joe has stepped in to help the SES department with various projects and has never once complained. He accepts feedback and implements new ideas for continuous improvement. Joe really thrives in all settings and is always willing to help anyone with just about anything. Joe will never give up when he is working with a student, and he is able to redirect students from negative or impulsive choices. When not working directly with students Joe has been observed by staff picking up trash or tidying up to keep our campus safe and inviting to students, parents and staff.”
Mr. Muller’s caring nature proved instrumental in literally saving a student’s life.
“We were blessed to have Joe with a student in the cafeteria one day when one of our littles began choking on a hot dog. Joe quickly jumped into action, performing the Heimlich Maneuver and dislodging the food from our student’s throat. The parent was so thankful for his ability to respond without hesitation to the emergency.”
“We are happy that Joseph Muller, a former student, turned role model is receiving this honor. It is well-deserved.”