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District Continues Working On LCAP

The Lucerne Valley Unified School District is in the process of receiving input from stakeholders to develop its 2023-24 Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). The LCAP is a tool for the school district to set goals, plan actions, and leverage resources to meet those goals to improve student outcomes.
Recently at the Lucerne Valley Elementary School’s annual Science Night, Lead Special Education Teacher Vici Miller handed out informational papers on the LCAP along with the LCAP Survey. The following is some of that information:
The district is maintaining our three LCAP goals. They are: 1) Students will receive a quality education. 2) Students are on track to graduate from high school prepared to enter college or the workforce. 3) Students will be engaged in a positive school climate.
Based on those goals and stakeholder input, we implemented the following:

• Hired an additional full time intervention teacher for the Elementary School
• Expanded our auto shop program at the High School.
• Continued Cadet Corps at the Middle/High School.
• Started a Health Careers class at the High School.
• Upgraded technology and purchased additional laptops and Chromebooks.
• Continued AVID (Advanced via Individual Determination) implementation at Middle/High School. Provide opportunities for our students to visit colleges.
• Hired an additional full-time counselor for the Middle/High School to support in college and career readiness and a counselor for the Elementary
• Hired an Assistant Principal at the Middle/High School
• Hired an Assistant Administrator of Instructional Improvement and Academic Coaching at the Elementary School.
And we will continue to do the following:

• Provide professional learning opportunities in multiple content areas and added four additional days for professional develop for teachers.
• Increase A-G offerings at the High School to prepare students for college.
• Built in intervention periods at the Middle/High School.
• Provide intervention programs for students including Orton Gillingham, Lexia and NextGen Math
• Maintain current classes and expand Career Technical Education programs
• Provide release time for collaboration/planning in content area/grade level.
• Adopt textbooks that support State Standards.
• Maintain District English Learner Coordinator
• Hire and Retain teachers that meet appropriate qualifications to ereduce class sizes at all grades
• Provide transportation to students
• Maintain facilities
• Provide multiple opportunities for academic and social interventions/enrichments
• Maintain multiple opportunities for academic and social interventions/enrichments.
• Purchase and utilize software to establish data for facilities repairs
• Purchase and repair playground/sports equipment.
• Continue band program (Middle/High School)
• Expand surveillance cameras in areas of need
After the finalized plan is approved by the school board in June, the LCAP will be submitted to the San Bernardino County Superintendent of Schools and the State California Department of Education. The LCAP survey is available at the following: