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Virtual Academy Holds Third-Annual Award Ceremony

High School Pegasus
From left, Pegasus Award winners Annabell Housler, Christopher Palmerin and Marisol Torres.
For the third year in a row, Lucerne Valley Virtual Academy students were given awards for their accomplishments during the school year. Altogether 17 students in Elementary and Middle and High School received awards in the Sgt. Brian Walker Memorial Gymnasium on May 17, 2023.
Elementary school-aged students were given their awards by teacher Mrs. Mary Eller. Those students are Anabelle Abernathy, Marcos Cortez Jr., June Critchlow, Ruby Dakin, Violet Dakin, Serenity Gibson, Allan Housler, Austin Housler, Celeste Moore, Serenity Moore, Izaac Murillo and Jase Nichols. 
Middle and High School students receiving awards received theirs from teacher Mrs. Cindy Lazenby. Those students are Annabell Housler, Madison Miller, Christopher Palmerin, Viarey Siranda, and Marisol Torres.
Following a welcome from students Ruby and Violett Dakin and the “Pledge of Allegiance” led by students Allan Housler and Christopher Palmerin, Mrs. Eller gave an introduction of the school and its happenings throughout the 2022-23 school year. “The two of us feel blessed to be able to work in small groups and one-on-one to tutor students on Zoom and in-person,” she said. She also acknowledged the support of Superintendent Peter Livingston and the Board of Trustees.
The Epic Readers awards went to students who have read more than 50 books over the school year. The three were Celeste Moore (72 books), Serenity Moore (79 books), and Izaac Murillo (334 books).
Epic Winner
Epic Reader Award Winners, from left, Celeste Moore, Serenity Moore, and Izzac Murillo.
Happy Numbers’ Nobles awards went to students using the Happy Numbers program with an accuracy score of 80% or higher. Awardees were Annabelle Abernathy, Jase Nichols, Allan Housler, Violett Dakin, Serenity Moore, Serenity Gibson, Ruby Dakin, Celeste Moore and Austin Housler.
Happy Numbers
Happy Numbers Award Winners display their awards.
Lexia Learning Stars were named for completing 24 or more Lexia Core 5 program skill units. Winners included Annabelle Abernathy, Austin Housler, Ruby Dakin, Celeste Moore, Marcos Cortez, Allan Housler, June Critchlow, and Izaac Murillo.
Students who scored 90% or higher in all their courses for the entire year received Academic Excellence Awards. They are Hunter Critchlow, Serenity Moore, June Critchlow and Austin Housler.
Elementary Academic Excellence Award Winners.
Students who did more than required in the Acellus course work were Hunter Critchlow, Serenity Gibson, Ruby Dakin and June Critchlow.
Receiving special awards for finishing all of the course work were June Critchlow who finished her kindergarten year a full trimester ahead and high school student Marisol Torres.
Elementary Golden Pegasus Award winners, from left, Austin Housler, Ruby Dakin, Izaac Murillo and Violet Dakin.
The Pegasus award is given each trimester for elementary students or each quarter for middle/high school students who demonstrate excellence in their school work. The following students have earned the Pegasus Award for 4th quarter or 3rd trimester:
Elementary — Ruby Dakin, Violett Dakin, Izaac Murillo, Austin Housler and June Critchlow
High School — Christopher Palmerin
More pegasus
Silver Pegasus Award Winners Allan Housler and June Critchlow.
The Silver Pegasus is given to those demonstrating steady work for two trimesters or three quarters during the year. The winners were:

Elementary — Allan Housler, June Critchlow

High School — Annabell Housler, Madison Miller, Viarey Siranda and Marisol Torres.
High School Silver Pegasus winners.
The most prestigious award at the Lucerne Valley Virtual Academy is the Golden Pegagus, which is given to those students who demonstrated an excellent work ethic and responsibility for the entire school year. They are:
Elementary — Austin Housler, Ruby Dakin, Izaac Murillo and Violett Dakin.
The Virtual Academy will hold its Second Annual Pinewood Derby Competition on May 24th.
The Lucerne Valley Virtual Academy was founded in 2020 to provide options for school district families during the COVID-19 pandemic. The program continues as an option. The academy is run and taught by veteran educators Mrs. Eller and Mrs. Lazenby.
Academic Persistence winners.
High School Award Winner Marisol Torres.