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Jessica Haecker Named MS/HS Assistant Principal

Award-winning Career Tech Programs (CTE) department head Jessica Haecker has been named the Assistant Administrator for Instructional Improvement and Academic Coaching for Lucerne Valley Middle/High School. Her new position, which traditionally was called Assistant Principal, was made official during the recent meeting of the district’s Board of Trustees.
Ms. Haecker has been instrumental in the schools in working with the district’s CTE and Special Education population, along with working in all areas of supporting students as a Teacher on Special Assignment. Ms. Haecker was given the Profound Impact Award at the Mojave Desert Career Pathways (MDCP) awards ceremony earlier this year.
“Jessica was instrumental in gaining over $240,000 from neighboring districts to support our CTE programs after they visited our sites,” said Superintendent Peter Livingston. “The neighboring high desert districts hadn’t spent their money and didn’t have a plan. We did, thanks to Jessica, and nearly a quarter of a million dollars is coming our way thanks to her work. We look forward to what she brings to our administrative team to support all of our students.”
While the CTE grant is Ms. Haecker’s marquee accomplishment, there are numerous others, according to Principal Jason Story.
“Jessica has excelled in her role as a ‘Teacher on Assignment’,” Mr. Story said. “As a teacher on assignment, Jessica has contributed in a multitude of ways. She has mentored teachers, headed the school’s EL programs, helped build the Master Schedule, supported the SAI department, led Professional Development sessions, assisted with student discipline, facilitated parent/teacher conferences, and lent a helping hand in the day-to-day operations of the front office.”
In addition, Ms. Haecker has been the high school Data Coordinator, WASC Coordinator, and also has successfully mentored seven teachers. She also was instrumental in launching Lucerne Valley High School’s “Mission: Graduation” program where she has successfully helped dozens of students in the critical credit recovery process.
“Her diligence in creating curriculum, tutoring students, and personally following-up with every Senior has made a substantial difference in the LVHS graduation rate,” Mr. Story said. “Her passion for helping teachers and students has been instrumental to our growing district.”
In fact, Ms. Haecker’s impact seems to be almost omni-present, and the principal can’t wait to see how she impacts the campus in the future.
“Personally, in the short time I have been here, I have seen how Jessica is an instrumental part of every aspect that goes on here at Lucerne Valley Middle/High School. She is always willing to help in any way she can, and she really does put students first. It has been a pleasure working with her and I cannot wait to see her grow in this new position.”