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School Board Approves Admin Designees for 2023-24

Every year, the state requires public school districts appoint designees to carry out administrative duties in the absence of certain administrators. The following designees were recently approved by the Lucerne Valley Board of Trustees for the 2023-24 school year.
Superintendent’s Designees: Olga Fisher, Melissa Cook-Rodriguez, Nate Lambdin, and Vici Miller.
Virtual Academy Principal's Designees: Cindy Lazenby and Mary Eller.
Mountain View High School Principal's Designees: Jessica Haecker and Victoria Kessler.
Lucerne Valley Elementary School Principal's Designees: Suzie Manley, Vici Miller, Candice Carter, and Dolores Barela.
Lucerne Valley Middle/High School Principal's Designees: Kevin Barda, Brandon Barkley, and Jessica Haecker.