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Cynthia McDonough, Daniel Ruiz Named Employees of the Month

Employees of Month
From left, Superintendent Peter Livingston, School Board President Jessica Risler, School Board Member Tom Courtney, Cynthia McDonough, Daniel Ruiz, School Board Vice-President Chelsea LaGrange and School Board Member Jim Harvey. Photo by Olga Fisher
Longtime Middle High School teacher Cynthia McDonough and Elementary School campus aide/coach Daniel Ruiz were named Employees of the Month for September during the Thursday, September 15th monthly meeting of the Lucerne Valley USD’s Board of Trustees.
Their awards were presented by Superintendent Peter Livingston followed by congratulations from school board members Jessica Risler (president), Chelsea LaGrange (vice-president), Tom Courtney and Jim Harvey. 
Board member Jim Harvey congratulates Cynthia McDonough as School Board Vice-President Chelsea LaGrange looks on. Photo by Olga Fisher

Cynthia McDonough

Cynthia, the Certificated Employee of the Month, is a teacher and ASB advisor with 20 years of experience at the Middle/High School.
“She has set a remarkable standard with her exceptional performance as our ASB advisor in both middle school and high school,” Mr. Livingston said, quoting the LVMHS administrators’ nomination letter. “Cynthia goes above and beyond, she has kick-started the school year on a positive note, organizing engaging activities for all students. Her innovative ideas for the upcoming year have demonstrated her commitment to creating a thriving learning environment. Cynthia's dedication and enthusiasm have made her an invaluable asset, fostering a sense of community and excitement among the students. She not only plans out all of our student body activities, but she does so willingly without complaint. Her focus is always on the students and their experience at our schools.”
School Board Members Tom Courtney and Chelsea LaGrange congratulate Daniel Ruiz.

Daniel Ruiz

The Classified Employee of the Month for September, Daniel Ruiz, was selected by Lucerne Valley Elementary administrators.
“Daniel or ‘Coach Dan’ as the kids refer to him, began as a sub–Campus Aide and was quickly hired on,” according to Principal Joanna Mora’s recommendation letter. “Coach Dan built a great rapport with all of our students who looked forward to, playing tag with him at recess, learning sports techniques, and cracking jokes with him. This school year Dan agreed to help out our PE Teacher who has two classes during each enrichment time. Daniel was out there each day working with Mr. Farrell to make sure that all of the students were engaged and participating in PE. He was always willing to skip across the field with the littles or challenge our older kids to a race, all the while encouraging them, and praising their efforts. Besides assisting with PE, there have been many occasions where Dan has stepped in to help around campus with various projects and has never once complained. He accepts feedback and implements new ideas for continuous improvement. When Dan saw that something needed to be done, he would jump in and do it.
“Daniel really connected with some of our male students who seemed to find ways to get into trouble at recess. He formed teams for football and created competition between grade levels and through tournaments. The students knew they had to behave in class and at recess to participate and many of them worked hard to be on one of Coach Dan’s teams! He has also been an assistant football coach at the middle/high school and has been a major supporter of all our student athletes.”
But, sadly, Daniel will be moving on.
“We are sad that Daniel Ruiz is leaving our nest, but are happy that he is able to find a position that will better serve his family’s needs,” Mrs. Mora’s letter stated. “We are very thankful to have had Daniel Ruiz working with our kiddos. He instilled in them the importance of following our SOAR values in the classroom and at play. We appreciate the bond he formed with them and the support he provided them, our parents, and our staff each day. This is well-deserved honor. Congratulations Coach Dan. You will be greatly missed!”