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Rene Jaime, Adriana Barajas Named Employees of the Month

November Employees of the Month
Teacher Rene Jaime and SES Administrative Assistant Adriana Barajas were recently named Employees of the Month for November. From left, Superintendent Peter Livingston, School Board President Jessica Risler, board member Tom Courtney, Adriana Barajas, Rene Jaime, school board vice-president Chelsea LaGrange and school board members Jason Hansen and Jim Harvey. Photo by Olga Fisher
Middle/High School teacher Rene Jaime and Student Educational Services Administrative Assistant Adriana Barajas were named the certificated and classified Employees of the Month for November, respectively, during the November 9, 2023 meeting of the school district’s Board of Directors meeting.
Superintendent Peter Livingston presented the awards and Mr. Jaime and Mrs. Barajas were congratulated by the five school board members. 

Rene Jaime - Certificated

“As the Advisor of our Spanish club, Mr. Jaime has consistently gone above and beyond to create a positive atmosphere on campus, taking his students on multiple field trips and sharing the Spanish culture with all of our student body,” according the Middle/High School administrators who nominated him. “His dedication to working directly with our heritage students and supporting our English language learners offers them the guidance that is needed for their success.”
Moreover, according to his nominators, “Mr. Jaime has truly made a remarkable impact on our school community, and his exceptional efforts have been recognized by all of our staff.”

Adriana Barajas - Classified

For the month of November, the elementary school chose Adriana Barajas-Espinoza as its classified employee of the month. Adriana is the district’s Administrative Assistant for Student Educational Services.
“She stepped into the role and had to hit the ground running,” said her supervisor Mrs. Vici Miller. “Mrs. Barajas courageously jumped right into a high stress role, with only a few months of training.” 
Adriana is the right hand to Mrs. Miller and works tirelessly alongside her to provide support for our students and families.
“Her work ethic and dedication are unrivaled. We often see her before and after school working on completing paperwork to ensure that our SPED department is in compliance and prepared to meet the needs of our students. Thankfully, she is extremely conscientious, adaptable, and efficient.”
Mrs. Barajas is a team player and will always lend a hand wherever needed. With her bilingual skills, she assists with translations and interpreting and has even assisted with parent/teacher conferences.
“When you walk into SES, you will always be greeted with a smile and friendly conversation. She greets parents with the same kind-hearted spirit. We are grateful that we were able to bring Adriana on board at LVES. She is truly a blessing to Mrs. Miller and we are thankful for all her hard work. This is well-deserved honor.”