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After School All-Stars Program Growing in Lucerne Valley

Lucerne Valley After School All-Stars dance to "Stayin' Alive" during the Showcase Dinner event on January 17th. Photos by Peter Day
By Peter Day
LVUSD Social Media
Families packed Lucerne Valley Elementary School’s Goulding Hall on January 17 to learn about the numerous activities their children are enjoying as members of the After School All-Stars and a tasty spaghetti dinner provided by the school’s food services department.
Called “electives,” the after school program — which is open to K-8 students — currently has seven options with more on the way.
The Dancing All Stars (Bailando con las Estrellas in Spanish) performed several numbers including an expressive version of “Stayin’ Alive.” After the show and dinner the families were off to see other electives. They included Video Game Evolution under the direction of Mrs. Kennedy and Mr. Luke, Earth’s Natural Disasters  with Ms. Bridget Diaz leading, Anatomy led by Ms. Marlie, Spanish led by Mayra Delgado, Soccer led by Mr. Joe, and the Middle School Cafe with leaders Mrs. Cindy and Miss Allee.
“Our next session of electives will be focusing on technology,” say Karol Thompson, director of the Lucerne Valley program. “We will have lessons in 3D printing, robotics, drones, and American Sign Language.”  
The After School Program is especially popular with families of parents who work during the day. “I truly believe that our program provides a very valuable service to our parents who work,” Ms. Thompson says. “We have the ability to create a safe, engaged and enriching environment for our community and our students.”
Karol Thompson
Lucerne Valley After School All-Stars director Karol Thompson addresses the audience during the spaghetti dinner.
Shelly Futch, who works at the Lucerne Valley Market and Hardware Store, has had three children go through the after school program. She came to be with her young son Kaleb who proudly showed a T-shirt he colorfully decorated. After dinner, she watched his progress in the Spanish class.
Currently the Lucerne Valley After School All-Stars has 85 elementary-aged students and 11 middle school students. “Our goal is to serve 100.”
Samatha Elam helps son Miles Perez to administer CPR in Anatomy class.
As was clearly evident at the Showcase Dinner, the children are having fun while learning at the after-school program.
“I know we help students as well as parents. I have always held such pride in what we do for our students. In most cases we are also able to look at individual students and provide specific strategies to help. We are able to see a need and meet it. Lots of Social and Emotional Learning is happening with our students as well as our staff.”
For more information on the After School All-Stars program, call the Lucerne Valley Elementary School office at (760) 248-6108.
Peter Day writes and photographs content for the Lucerne Valley USD’s web and social media pages. He can be reached at [email protected].

 Smiling family
Nataly Calderon, Andrea Calderon, mother Alejandra Calderon and Abraham Calderon are all smiles during the event.
Spanish class
Children display their Spanish learning while singing a song in the Spanish class.
Boys in the soccer class make their way through a cone exercise.