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Teacher Stephanie Klinger Gives Back

Stephanie Klinger
Stephanie Klinger is driven to make a difference in the lives of her students.
Stephanie Klinger, a 2005 graduate Lucerne Valley High School, has lived in the town since she was about three years old.  A third-year teacher at Lucerne Valley Elementary, she attended Cal Poly Pomona and received a bachelor’s degree in communication focused on public relations.

“I moved out of Lucerne when I went to college. As soon as I graduated and had a more settled job in the restaurant industry managing Red Lobsters, I moved back to Apple Valley. My husband, Jacob Klinger, and I married in 2011 and stayed in Apple Valley for about a decade.”

When COVID hit, and with two kids at home, the couple decided to send Jacob back to college to attain his degree.

“I put my personal marketing business on hold and went back to a more formal company to market for them and create a more stable situation for my family. When all of the schools shut down, we were disappointed. Hearing that Lucerne was offering a virtual option seemed like a no brainer to return to our roots and let our kids experience that magic we grew so fond of attending school in Lucerne.”

“I loved being involved in sports. Softball was my favorite going through high school. I was also very active in FFA. I was on several officer teams and enjoyed the speaking competitions. I also enjoyed the small-town firework show and parade on the 4th of July and experiencing the camaraderie this town has always offered.”
Stephanie Quote

“Teaching was actually never on my career map. I have always enjoyed interacting with people, creating magic and wonder, which is why marketing was always such a great fit. However, my sister, Carissa Brander, had been teaching for several years and spoke so highly of the profession and our school, I felt it could be a great fit for my personality. In many ways, teaching and marketing share so many similarities. You always have to have a good hook to engage your class and keep up on the trends. It is hands down the best job I have ever had and hope to stay in for the remainder of my career.”

My favorite teachers growing up were Mrs. Kessler (6th grade) and Mr. Van Bavel (FFA/HS).

“I genuinely enjoy creating a sense of wonder and magic in the classroom. My goal is always to help students see and understand things in new ways!”

“I have always been impressed with the length the district will go to in order to take care of our students. Our students are thoroughly supported here always!”

“I always hope that I am making a difference by challenging the students academically and to reason through why they think the way that they think. I hope that after students have been in my class, they strive to look for their 1% opportunities of where they can improve daily. I always hope that my students remember the life lessons of utilizing manners, choosing better language when we speak to each other, and look for the magic in the everyday.”
This article on teacher Stephanie Klinger is featured in the new Lucerne Valley USD publication. You can download a digital copy of the publication here: