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Teacher Marina Chicca-Flores and Food Services Staffer Cindy Whitehall Named Employees of the Month

Employees of Month
Marina Chicca-Flores and Cindy Whitehall were named Employees of the Month. Pictured, from left, Superintendent Peter Livingston, board members Tom Courtney and Jessica Risler, employees Marina Chicca-Flores and Cindy Whitehall, school board President Chelsea LaGrange and Vice-President Jason Hansen and school board member Jim Harvey. Photo by Olga Fisher
LVUSD Social Media Report
Lucerne Valley Elementary School teacher Marina Chicca-Flores and Food Services staff member Cindy Whitehall were named Employees of the Month at the March 14th meeting of the Lucerne Valley USD’s Board of Trustees.
Superintendent Peter Livingston presented the awards as fellow employees, family and friends looked on.
Certificated - Marina Chicca-Flores
“Marina is an exceptional educator who has demonstrated commitment, passion, and dedication to LVES,” Mr. Livingston said, quoting the LVES administrators who nominated Marina. “Marina has been a cornerstone of Lucerne Valley Elementary for an impressive 20 years. Her years of service signify not only loyalty but commitment to the intellectual and emotional development of our students. Now, if you've ever had the pleasure of witnessing Marina in action, you know she walks around like something is on fire – not literally, of course! Her dynamic and energetic presence in the classroom ignites a spark in her students, fostering an environment for curiosity and eagerness to learn.”
Beyond her role as a first-grade teacher, Marina is also a team lead, where she is a collaborative and supportive colleague. In addition to being a team lead, Marina wears another important hat as mentor teacher.
“Her generosity in sharing knowledge and experience has helped new educators find their footing, creating a culture of growth and support within our school. Marina is always willing to collaborate on lesson plans, share teaching strategies, or lending a helping hand to a fellow teacher. 
“In celebrating Marina as our Employee of the Month, we honor not just her achievements as an educator but the positive impact she has had on the lives of those around her. Her dedication, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit are invaluable assets to our school, and we are profoundly grateful for her contributions.”
Classified- Cindy Whitehall 
“Cindy Whitehall has been a great addition to our team,” Mr. Livingston said. “She picks up new tasks easily. She’s always willing to go the extra mile. She helps out wherever needed. She has a good attitude and is always willing to help any of the students if they need it. We’re very lucky to have her on our team. She’s a real asset to our food service team. Congratulations Cindy!”