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Three Mountain View High School Students Receive Diplomas

the graduates
The Mountain View Class of 2024: From left, Oscar H. Mejia, Joseph Ponce and Jordan N. Alpizar.
Three Mountain View High School students, each with stories of perseverance, determination and defying the odds, received their high school diplomas during the school’s spring graduation ceremony on Thursday, May 23 in the Media Center at Lucerne Valley High School.
With family and friends looking on, Jordan N. Alpizar, Oscar H. Mejia and Joseph Ponce were applauded as they turned their tassels after giving their graduation speeches and being recognized by several V.I.P.s. 
Co-Principal Jason Story, who serves as principal of Lucerne Valley High School, served as the event master of ceremonies. Victoria Kessler, the MVHS teacher and administrative designee, spoke of the students’ accomplishments.
“It’s been really fun this year,” Ms. Kessler said. “I think you all have grown quite a bit.” Addressing the audience, she said. “They all have big dreams, big goals, and I know they’ll all be successful. I’d like to support all the families for supporting them. You’ve done fantastic.”
The student speeches told individual stories of overcoming hardships to reach their goals.
Graduate Joseph Ponce receives his diploma from Ms. Kessler as Mr. Story looks on.
Graduate Joseph Ponce thanked his mom, friends back home, Ms. Kessler and God for the extra support and encouragement. “Mom, you are truly the reason I am here today in many ways. You have always been there for me and you never gave up on me. You are special for giving it your all no matter what. I love you so much. I did this for you. Thank you.”
Lastly, Joseph said, “I am proud of myself! I didn’t give up even when things got hard and I have accomplished something harder than a soccer final. I am proud of my classmates Oscar and Jordan as well. We did it! We are the graduating class of 2024!”
Mr. Story congratulated the graduates. “Great job! What an accomplishment! We really are proud of you!”
Graduate Jordan Alpizar receives his diploma.
Graduate Jordan Alpizar thanked his family and friends who encouraged him to finish high school. “I want you to know that your encouragement and understanding are what got me through. You stood by me even when I wasn’t sure I could make it and showed me that even though I went through some rough spots I could do it and I am standing here before you today as a high school graduate.”
Jordan also thanked MVHS teacher/administrative designee Ms. Victoria Kessler for making his transition to Mountain View easy “by understanding that I didn’t enjoy going to school and that I had a lot of work to finish.” He also recognized his friends who continue to encourage him to follow his dreams and do what he loves to do, skate. “Learning a new trick on a skateboard is like life: You have to have a vision then set goals and practice to reach perfection.”
Graduate Oscar Mejia receives his diploma.
Graduate Oscar Mejia shared his challenges of growing up in Perris before moving to Lucerne Valley. “Life was not easy and I fell into being a ‘bad kid’ and not caring about school,” he said. “I remember getting in trouble with my parents over the smallest things, but these were life lessons my parents were doing their best to teach me.” After getting a fight in 11th grade he was told to leave the school and he was faced with a decision.
“That’s when I moved to Lucerne Valley with my dad,” Oscar said. “I had a choice to make — continue being a bad kid and messing up the rest of my life, or remember all the lessons my parents were trying to teach me and do something about my behavior.”
Behind on his credits Oscar had a lot of catching up to do. Mountain View offered a solution, and he took it. “I have worked really hard to make up my credits and now I stand proudly in front of you as a high school graduate.” Oscar has enrolled in a welding class at Victor Valley College that will start next fall.
Assistant Superintendent Olga Fisher confirmed the class. Ms. Kessler led in the turning the tassel, and the students received their high school diplomas.
The LVHS Rangers Color Guard, under the direction of Staff Sergeant Jacob Klinger, performed their color guard duties. The color guard consists of 1SGT Evan Herriman (Commander), Sgt. Aubrey Stiles (Color Sergeant), SPC Geo Castro (National Colors), SPC Aiden Sosa (State Colors) and SPC Ronnie Hickman (Color Sergeant).
Also in attendance were Lucerne Valley USD Superintendent Peter Livingston, Assistant Superintendent Nate Lambdin, and Assistant Principal Jessica Haecker. Ashlee Ackerman and Kevin Barda serves as academic counselors, and Kim Anderson is registrar.
Color Guard
The Lucerne Valley Rangers Color Guard leads the "Pledge of Allegiance."
Assistant Superintendent Olga Fisher confirms the Mountain View Class of 2024.
A graduate gets a hug.
The cupcakes say it all.