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New Title for Burt Umstead: Assist. Supt./Elementary Principal

Lucerne Valley Elementary School Principal Burt Umstead has been tapped to provide oversight to the four charter schools under Lucerne Valley Unified’s supervision. Umstead, who is completing his first year at the elementary school, will continue as school principal but will add a new title: Assistant Superintendent/Elementary Principal.
The Lucerne Valley USD’s governing board unanimously approved the title change and an annual stipend of $7,500 during the monthly school board meeting on May 10. The changes take effect on July 1.
Superintendent Peter Livingston said Umstead has done an outstanding job this past school year and the two work extremely well together. The principal is energetic, enthusiastic and effective, he said.
Currently, the Lucerne Valley Unified School District provides oversight for Alta Vista Innovation High School, Sky Mountain Charter School, Elite Charter Academy, and Gorman Learning Center. Umstead’s duties shall include serving in the role of the superintendent’s primary designee, coach/mentor to middle high school principal, attending Assistant Superintendent Meetings, assisting the Superintendent in directing and leading the district’s overall strategic direction to reach its goals, leading implementation of various programs that require cabinet level oversight, and other administrative duties as assigned.
Alta Vista serves more than 1,000 high school students in Southern California. AVIHS provides opportunities for students to gain workforce skills as they complete their high school diplomas and serves primarily struggling and at risk students providing them with another option to complete high school. Sky Mountain services around 1,760 students in grades transitional kindergarten through 12th. Elite Charter will provide independent/home school opportunities for students and an adult education program. Gorman currently has 1,365 students in learning center programs in Redlands and Santa Clarita.