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Mitsubishi Gives Nearly $30k in Scholarships

The Mitsubishi Cement Corp. Educational Foundation contributed the largest amount of donations toward Lucerne Valley High School senior scholarships, which were handed out on Tuesday, May 15. The MCCEF gave a total of $29,000 to several outstanding Lucerne Valley High School students. Altogether, about $50,000 in scholarships were given through the Lucerne Valley Community Scholarship Program.
But many other businesses and individuals contributed, most notably the Lucerne Valley Lions Club, which gave $6,000, First Mountain Bank, the LV Roadrunners, Crossroads Chapel, the Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation, Lucerne Valley Community Church, High-Grade Materials, Apple Valley Kiwanis, the Lucerne Valley Teacher’s Association and the Lucerne Valley Middle High School Staff.
Top scholarship recipients were Jody Evans, Juliana Otwell and Diego Orozco. The event was held in the Sgt. Brian L. Walker Memorial Gymnasium.
The scholarship event was emceed by Nancy Monson, who every year serves as awards ceremony producer/organizer, and Brooke Diegmiller of First Mountain Bank. Diegmiller was filling in for bank branch manager Marlene Fuller who was unable to attend.
The following are the scholarship donors and scholarship recipients:
First Mountain Bank (presented by Brooke Diegmiller): Charity Sailiata, William Smith, Joseph Salbino, Kimberlee Welsh
Marlene Fuller & Family (presented by Brooke Diegmiller): Destinee Haley
Lucerne Valley Lions Club (presented by Mike Kalinowski): Juliana Otwell, Jody Evans, Garrett Hoskin, Jasmine Cedeno, Diego Orozco
LV Roadrunners (presented by Jean Magee): Juliana Otwell, Jody Evans, Garrett Hoskin
Crossroads Chapel (presented by Robert Otwell): Juliana Otwell, Jody Evans , Garrett Hoskin
Mitsubishi Educational Foundation in Memory of Bud Biggs (presented by Nancy Monson): Jasmine Cedeno, Breanna Escalante, Jody Evans, Sydnee Fox, Destinee Haley, Garrett Hoskin, Megan Nakahiro, Diego Orozco, Juliana Otwell, Charity Sailiata, Joseph Salbino, William Smith, Kimberlee Welsh. Mitsubishi also renewed Madison Redding’s scholarship.
Don Ferrarese Charitable Foundation (presented by Robert Otwell): Megan Nakahiro (renewable for 4 years)
Lucerne Valley Community Church: Yicel Buenrostro, Megan Nakahiro
Hi-Grade Material (presented by Harrison Hove): Alejandra Cortes
Oro Grande (presented by Harrison Hove): Diego Orozco (renewable)
Apple Valley Kiwanis: (presented by Nancy Monson): Destinee Haley, Lucerne Valley Teacher’s Association (presented by Nancy Monson): Diego Orozco
LVM/HS Staff Scholarship (presented by Nancy Monson): Kimberlee Welsh
Additional Scholarships:
Celestino Arroyo: Allison Tyler & Family, Anonymous, CSEA-Classified School Employee Association, G&G Auto, Monty Gunderson, Hall’s Heating & AC, Lance Hall, J&J Ranch, Jim Sisk & Jess Morgan, LV Community Scholarship, USA Septic, Jodie & Mary Watson
Yicel Buenrostro: AAA Builders, Mark & Jan Harris, American Legion, Cecilia Fisher & Joseph Duisen, LV Community Scholarship, OMYA
Jasmine Cedeno: OMA, Outriders Equestrian Club
Alejandra Cortes: Giles Construction, Lonve Valley Solar Park, LV Community Scholarship, LV Grange, Richard & Nancy
Marlen Cortez: Amrhein Family, China House, Wu Family, DeSilva Construction, Estate of Leroy Labarre, Lone Valley Solar Park, LV Community Scholarship, Pat Lugo in memory of Hector Lugo
Juan Cuevas: Anonymous, CVS Stock Farm, Dennis & Jan Morosco, Jim & Sheila Byrnes, LV Chamber of Commerce, LV Community Scholarship, R&R Towing
Breanna Escalante: Janet Miller in memory of Battalion Chief Al Miller
Jody Evans: Chuck Bell in memory of Julia Bell, David & Miller Rader, Diane Holland & Jean Morgan, Kiwi Sandals, Otwell Family, Ron & Ann Lazenby, LV Market & Hardware
Sydnee Fox: David & Millie Rader, Hi Desert Egg, Marks Family in honor of those who serve and protect, OMYA, Sherri Hardin, Vici Miller, Wolf Mountain Sanctuary, Tonya Carloni
Antonio Garcia: Anonymous, Cafe 247, David & Judy Stratton, Dennis & Jan Morosco, LV Community Scholarship, R&M Master Hay & Feed, Rock’s Pizza
Destinee Haley: Anonymous, Apple Valley Kiwanis
Garrett Hoskin: Chuck Bell in memory of Julia Bell, Hi Desert Egg, Jean Morgan & Diane Holland, OMYA, LV Market & Hardware, Otwell Welding & Fabrication, Ron & Ann Lazenby, Peter Day & Caroline Lieber
Jenna McDonald: Hi Desert Egg, Michelle Boren, Moretz Mobile, New Beginnings Mobile Home Park, Ron & Ann Lazenby, Sherri Hardin
Diego Orozco: LV Community Scholarship, Sherri Hardin
Juliana Otwell: Arthur & Vernell McGinnis, Church of Our Lord & Savior, David & Millie Rader, Giles Construction, Janet Miller in memory of Battalion Chief Al Miller, Jean Morgan & Diane Holland, LV Market & Hardware, Marks Family in honor of those who serve and protect, Ron & Ann Lazenby
Ignacio Perez: Amrhein Family, Gaeta Family, LV Community Scholarship, LV Grange, Pat & Paul Sophy in memory of Sharon, Gene & Millie
Charity Sailiata: Amerprise Financial, Marty Brander, LV Market & Hardware
Ruben Silva: Anonymous, CSEA, Classified School Employee Assoc., Jesus Christ Prison Ministries, LV Community Scholarship, Pat & Woody Hart, Peter Livingston, Superintendent, Ron Luley & Family
William Smith: Butcher Block, Lone Valley Solar Park, LV Community Scholarship, OMYA
Kimberlee Welsh: Estate of Leroy Labarre, LV Commuity Scholarship, Security Storage, Jerry Byars, Sherri Hardin
Shania Wilding: Anonymous, Ellie & Dave Handyman Service, Lorraine Cross, LV Community Scholarship, LV Youth Project, Marion Thrush, Pink Dragon Fly Cakes