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Six Graduates Receive Diplomas at Mountain View High Ceremony

Six graduates and their proud families were on hand Thursday, May 31 for the Mountain View High School Class of 2018 graduation ceremony. Teacher/administrator Victoria Kessler presided over the the 23rd annual event in the school’s outdoor quad area.
School board president Jim Harvey and Supt. Peter Livingston, who serves as the school’s principal, were in attendance. Mr. Livingston presented accepted the class and presented the diplomas. The Mountain View staff also includes Alternative Education Assistant Jonnie Ross and Cafeteria Aide Kimberly Keith.
The Spring 2018 graduates are Troy DeFontaine, Kaitlynn Johnson, David Garcia, Erick Ortiz, Rebe Gomez and Sameria Salvino.
“They’ve worked really, really hard,” said Ms. Kessler. “I know they’re going to do great things.”
Mr. Harvey also was impressed with the students’ hard work. “We salute your dedication,” he said.
Each graduate shared a few words.
“If you believe in something and desire something, do it,” graduate Erick Ortiz said.
“I’m not a screw up, and I’m only starting my destiny to find myself,” said Rebe Gomez.
Troy DeFontaine thanked his family members, especially his step-mother, for pushing him to complete his studies and get his diploma.
Graduate Sameria Salvino said it took her two extra years to earn her high school diploma but she is glad she didn’t settle for a GED. She will attend Barstow Community College and pursue a nursing credential.
“I’ll start working in the hospital like I always dreamed to do,” she said.