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Learning Sparks Excitement in the Bud Biggs STEM Lab

The new Bud Biggs STEM Lab is up and running and introducing Lucerne Valley Elementary School students to the fascinating world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.
The lab, which was named and dedicated in honor of the late Mitsubishi Cement Corporation plant manager Bud Biggs in early September, provides a diverse collection of hands-on projects for students in all grades at the school.
“This is the greatest thing to happen here in my 24 years on the board,” school board member Tom Courtney said in a social media post that included a short video of the Lucerne Valley STEM lab in action.
Lucerne Valley Elementary teacher Chris Pennington, who serves as the lab’s technical facilitator, recently took a few short video clips of students working on electronic circuitry and engineering projects. SmartLab design, planning and curriculum was provided by Creative Learning Systems.
To view the video of the Bud Biggs STEM Lab in action, go to the District’s Facebook page at