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Small School Districts’ Association Taps Lucerne Valley’s Harvey for Workshops

LUCERNE VALLEY, Calif. — Lucerne Valley Unified School District governing board president Jim Harvey is one of three school board experts to present at a series of four Small School Districts’ Association workshops being held throughout California.
Harvey is joined by SSDA Executive Director Debra Pearson and SSDA executive board member Justin Cunningham at the events. The trio presented last week at a School Board Member Training event in San Diego and will again present this week in Visalia and next week in Merced. A similar workshop was held in Sacramento. To date, more than 100 board members and superintendents from various districts across California have attended.
Each workshop goes from 8:30 am. to 3:30 p.m. and focuses on a number of topics. They include “The Role Of A School Board Member,” “Building an Effective Governance Team with the Superintendent,” “Brown Act and Conflict of Interest Laws,” “Developing a Governance Handbook,” and “Performing Annual Board Self Evaluations.” Superintendents, new board members, and veteran board members all benefit from this one-day comprehensive workshop.
Each workshop participant receives a copy of the LVUSD Governance Handbook, a sample Board Self Evaluation Questionnaire, sample Governance Calendar, and a new board member district stats and resources checklist that districts can use to help prepare new board members. 
Harvey was first elected to the LVUSD’s governing board in November of 2010. He has been chosen by his peers to serve as the board’s president numerous times and currently serves in that capacity. Harvey has played key roles in developing the school board’s handbook and bylaws, and he led the development of the district’s “Sunshine Policy,” formally known as Board Bylaw 9009. The policy ensures transparency in all district business including meetings and public records.
#1 - LVUSD School Board President Jim Harvey
#2 - School board president Jim Harvey presents during an SSDA workshop in San Diego last week. Photo courtesy Jessica Risler