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Three Lucerne Valley Freshmen FFA Members Participate in Creed Contest

On Thursday three freshmen Lucerne Valley High School students — Abigail Johnson, Josclyn Nichols and Liliana Velasco — participated in the FFA 2018-19 Creed Recitation Sectional Contest.
The competition was three-fold: 1) recite a five-paragraph speech; 2) answer impromptu questions; 3) take an assessment with two hundred questions.
Liliana Velasco took second place, being honored with a ribbon and plaque. Josclyn Nichols placed fourth overall and received a ribbon.
The competition was part of the High Desert FFA Prepared, Creed, BIG Contests & Proficiency/Star Selection.
From left, Josclyn Nichols, Abigail Johnson and Liliana, participated in the FFA 2018-19 Sectional Creed Recitation Contest last Thursday. Contributed photo