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Programs & Services

AERIES Portal for Parents

Who? Parents of Students at Lucerne Valley Unified School District.

AERIES Portal is our Student Information System Viewer for parents of LVUSD pupils. Parents who want access to the system will receive information to log in at Registration, or can visit a Student Records Technician at their school’s office to receive their Verified Parent Code for each child in their family attending LVUSD (Obviously, the High School Office cannot give codes for Elementary students, and vice versa).

For security reasons, this can only be done in person; phone calls, email, regular mail, or signed letters brought to the office asking for the codes will not be honored. Verified Parent Codes will NEVER be sent home with students unless they are 16 years of age or older (when they may self-register.)

Once registered, parents can log into AERIES Portal using the ABI & Webapps link above. Click on the blue AERIES for Parents/Students button.
Accelerated Reader

Who? Parents of Elementary School Students.

Accelerated Reader is our English/Language Arts program to promote literacy at a young age for our students. Parents who want feedback on their child’s progress with the program can login to Accelerated Reader by clicking here. New Parents to the district can self-register for an account at any time. Click on the link above and choose “Request Parent/Guardian Access”. For more information, contact the Elementary School Administration Office at (760) 248-7659.

Parents can also use AR Bookfinder to look for AR-Ready books in libraries, shops and bookstores. AR Bookfinder is public and does not require registration to use.



Afterschool Program

Who? Parents of Children ready for Preschool.
Where? Elementary School and Middle School.
When? From school dismissal until Afterschool Closing Time:

  • Elementary School: 6:00 p.m.
  • Middle School: 6:15 p.m.
Lucerne Valley Elementary and Middle Schools both offer an afterschool program for students that are free of charge to eligible families. Afterschool programs offer the following services to member students:
  • Homework Help
  • Extra Instruction in State-Standard Areas
  • Afternoon Snack provided for students
Students in Afterschool Programs find it to be more fun and engaging than doing homework and study at home on their own.

Elementary Students: Eagle Academy applications are available through Karol Thompson at the
Elementary Office. For more information, please contact us at (760) 248-7659.

Middle School Students: Colt Academy applications are available through Cindy Lattin-Oliveira at the
Middle/High School Office. For more information, please contact us at (760) 248-2124.

Follett Destiny

Who? Anyone.

Review our library collections, see what’s available online, and read abstracts on our non-fiction books. No registration required.

Who? High School Students, both at LVHS and MVHS/CDS sites.

GradPoint is our online course delivery system that offers credit recovery, college preparatory, and enrichment courses over the Internet to enhance our School District’s offering to students. Students interested in using GradPoint classes should have their parents contact the High School Office for placement.

Students can login to GradPoint from home or a library to do homework for their courses at any time. They will need to attend class on campus in order to complete a test on GradPoint, as proctoring is required.
State Preschool

Who? Parents of Children ready for Preschool.
Where? Elementary School Early Childhood Complex (Public Entrance facing Sunset Road.)

Preschool is a part of Lucerne Valley Unified School District and is funded by San Bernardino. The program offers two separate services:
  • Preschool: Offered 6 hours per day, every school day (following the LVUSD School Calendar). The program is intended to reach those children who aren’t eligible for other Preschool programs or are on a preschool waitlist. Priority is dependent on parent employment or school status (Full/Part-Time at work, or attending college/tech schools)
PRESCHOOL PROGRAM is offered free of charge. There are income qualifications to attend free of charge.

Required Documentation –
  • For the Preschool only: verification of your priority is required (employment verification from your employer, enrollment verification
    from college/university, or a copy of your current class schedule).
  • Required documents include a copy of your child’s most recent physical exam (completed no later than one year prior to first date of enrollment), child’s immunization record, a copy of your child’s birth certificate, and/or any Court Order Paperwork.

 Applications are available in the LVES Office.




Illuminate Home Connection


Who? Students and Parents.
Illuminate is our district assessment and metrics solution that allows teachers to give tests and exams that offer instant feedback and analysis of standards taught, and develop strategies to mitigate gaps in student comprehension and learning. Illuminate Home Connection does two things: one, it allows parents instant feedback into the results of their student’s assessment scores for their use in helping their child with their homework, and two, it allows students to access online tests administered on campus.
Illuminate is a service used by school districts nationwide. Only this link will connect parents and students to LVUSD Data. Searching for “Illuminate Home Connection” on a search engine like Google or Bing WILL NOT WORK.
Office 365

Who? Employees of LVUSD.
Office 365 contains email (Outlook), calendars, tasks, and file storage (OneDrive).